Whitepaper: Who Pays for Customs Compliance Violations? It Could Be You.

The new whitepaper “Customs Compliance– Has Your Business Taken the Necessary Steps?” is an in-depth overview of the compliance process – including areas of particular vulnerability and recommendations for improving internal compliance management.

You could be held accountable for customs compliance violations. And we don’t just mean your company but you – personally. A landmark federal appeals case in 2014 determined that not only could a business be held liable for customs compliance violations but an individual or owner of that business could be held liable as well. And this is true even if the mistake or violation is the logistics provider or customs broker’s fault.

This takes customs compliance to a new level. At the risk of overstating what should be obvious, all businesses engaged in international trade have a critical need to understand their compliance responsibilities, and to ensure they have internal processes in place to meet those obligations.

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