Why Hub Group?: ‘100% End-to-End Visibility at the SKU Level’

Why Hub Group?: ‘100% End-to-End Visibility at the SKU Level’

A growing CPG company benefits in multiple ways as Hub Group optimizes its supply chain with a streamlined outsource strategy.

The Challenge

Managing a supply chain can be complex, especially when it’s for a carve-out company that is now a standalone accounting for a seemingly endless number of networks. Hub Group was engaged by a consumer-focused private equity firm to evaluate the end-to-end supply chain network of one of its food companies to uncover cost savings and efficiency opportunities.

The food company had a well-established brand, yet with its continued growth, it needed a more sophisticated supply chain solution. Navigating each product’s point of origin with multiple incumbents complicated communications with suppliers and customers. This also hampered its ability to govern inventory levels and on-time performance. As a result, the company experienced higher freight expenses, and its lean staff spent more time putting out fires than being strategic.

The Solution

Hub Group’s supply chain and logistics specialists determined how to achieve greater overall efficiencies and cut costs. The resolution involved leveraging Hub Group’s CaseStack Retail Supplier Solutions, tapping an extensive network of established carriers and relationships and enrolling the company in multiple retail consolidation and food service distribution programs.

Aside from cost savings, performance has improved dramatically, and the company has full access to retail compliance specialists.

Hub Group’s optimized end-to-end supply chain solution replaced eight incumbents with a fully streamlined outsource. This includes customs and cross-border support for inbounds from Mexico, food-grade warehousing in five regions, outbound services with five retail consolidation programs, and less than truckload and full truckload for all non-consolidation consignees.

A senior leader at the company said one reason for choosing Hub Group was “because of its ability to go from pickup to destination with 100% visibility at the SKU level. It’s compelling.”

Using customer portal technology, Hub Group brings enhanced, 24/7 visibility into inventory levels, order tracking, and all documentation needed to avoid costly retail fines. Customers obtain the resources necessary to be proactive with their supply chain, allowing them to better focus on the complexities that come with hyper growth.

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