Why Should You Attend Connections 2022?

Why Should You Attend Connections 2022?

Connections 2022, an SMC³ event, offers collaborative supply chain intelligence, covering the year’s most pertinent topics and trend forecasting for the rest of the year.

Take a second to think about everything that’s changed in the supply chain over the past two years. Dramatic changes in automation, driver shortages, dynamic pricing, new legislation and regulations, digital insights, final mile, e-commerce—just to name a few. Does your company have a strategy for continuous acclimatization for the rest of 2022 and beyond? The supply chain is on the cusp of a bold new future and SMC³’s Connections 2022 supply chain conference is where you can prepare to meet it head-on.

This year, Connections 2022 takes place in sunny San Diego, California, June 27-29, and is aimed at helping constituents across the industry keep up with the rapid developments within the supply chain ecosystem. Even as the effects of the pandemic continue to normalize in coming years, more changes are right around the corner—and preparing for them will be critical to securing your place in the industry.

Connections 2022: What will you learn?

Everyone involved in the supply chain needs a bigger toolset, deeper insights, and an open mind to tackle what’s coming next. Connections 2022 brings together shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and supply chain thought leaders to dissect a wide range of topics that will shape shipping and logistics for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

This year’s sessions and keynote speakers have something for everyone, including topics like:

  • Current supply chain trends, challenges and opportunities,and best practices to help navigate the “new normal.”
  • Regulatory and administration prioritiesthat are shaping today’s supply chain and how they affect the world of freight.
  • Leveraging relationships with 3PLsto better serve customers and uncover new growth avenues.
  • Leadership and diversity in the supply chain.How is the supply chain evolving? How can you support those changes professionally?
  • How carriers and shippers are keeping up with the e-commerce boom.Consumer shopping trends have pushed the supply chain industry to rethink and redefine their final mile and reverse logistics strategies.
  • How dynamic pricing is shaping LTL contracts.Technology is revolutionizing how LTL shippers and carriers navigate pricing and annual contracts.
  • Automation, big data, AI, and the efficiencies and insights they offer.Data doesn’t belong in spreadsheets anymore. Learn how huge amounts of data and analytics can help carriers improve efficiency and shippers make better choices.
  • Dealing with driver shortages and attracting new blood.Openings for drivers skyrocketed in 2020. What will it take to fill those crucial positions?
  • The effects of infrastructure legislation on the freight industryand when we might see them in action on U.S. highways. How long will it take, and what could new funding and regulations mean for your company?

Connections 2022 is your expert resource for networking, gathering insights, and helping your business be more successful. This industry-leading, supply chain-focused event will help you take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2022.n

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