Winter Reading Guide 2022

Winter Reading Guide 2022

Get cozy and boost your logistics knowledge. These latest resources cover everything from textile supply chain tactics to strategies for dominating in the digital age.

RFID for the Supply Chain and Operations Professional

Winter Reading Guide

Third Edition

By Dr. Pamela Zelbst and Dr. Victor Sower

Beginners can use this guide to develop a basic understanding of RFID technology with specific usage examples across several industries. This book covers implementation as well as how to pair RFID with other technologies, such as global positioning systems, enterprise resource planning, the Industrial Internet of Things, and robotics. This latest edition also discusses recent advancements.

A Shot in the Arm

Winter Reading Guide

How Science, Engineering, and Supply Chains Converged to Vaccinate the World

By Yossi Sheffi

A weapon is useless without the means to manufacture and deliver it. From scientific advancements to mass distribution, the task of delivering COVID-19 vaccines worldwide is a story of innovation and teamwork as supply chain experts, scientists, manufacturers, and governments collaborated on the greatest product launch in history. This book highlights the vital lessons learned for combating deadly diseases and other global supply chain challenges.

Fashion Supply Chain Management

Winter Reading Guide

By Michael P. Londrigan and Jacqueline M. Jenkins

Get a comprehensive understanding of the entire apparel and textile supply chain, spanning raw materials to retailers to end consumers. Featuring industry interviews and case studies, this book reviews how the supply chain relates to specific roles within a fashion brand, from designer to merchandiser. “Notes from the field” sidebars provide firsthand accounts of challenges and opportunities from the authors’ experience in the fashion industry.

People Solve Problems

Winter Reading Guide

The Power of Every Person, Every Day, Every Problem

By Jamie Flinchbaugh

Businesses typically provide new tools and training to improve their team’s problem-solving efforts, but that may not be the best strategy. This book provides tactical guidance for supply chain leaders, including why behaviors and principles are the real key to success and why curiosity and initiative have a much greater impact than putting information in the right box.

Arriving Today

Winter Reading Guide

From Factory to Front Door—Why Everything Has Changed About How and What We Buy

By Christopher Mims

As consumer demand grows, new technologies transform the workforce and how goods are transported. Take a look behind the scenes into the world’s busiest port, the cabin of an 18-wheeler, and Amazon’s automated warehouses to uncover how the promise of “arriving today” is fulfilled through an intricate dance between humans and machines.

The Goal

Winter Reading Guide

A Business Graphic Novel

ADAPTED By Dwight Jon Zimmerman and Dean Motter

A plant manager is given 90 days to save his failing factory, and if he doesn’t improve his supply chain’s performance, corporate headquarters will close down the plant. Based on Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s The Theory of Constraints, this graphic novel illustrates how the manager breaks out of conventional thinking and works with his team to find solutions.

The Operations Management Journal

Winter Reading Guide


By Kris Safarova

A step-by-step visual example of an operations management plan, this guide helps supply chain leaders in any organization understand how to start and execute a plan via to-do lists, self-assessments, and strategy calendars. Learn the habits of the highest-performing operations strategy thinkers and how to be a balanced, successful professional with a strong ethical compass.

Cybersecurity, Cyberwar and Cyberweapons

Winter Reading Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Cybersecurity

By Kent Peterson

Supply chain operations, national security, and our daily lives depend on a resilient internet, but cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are exposed to various cyber threats and hazards. Supply chain leaders can use this book to learn the basics of cybersecurity and how to recover from a breach.

Omni-Channel Retail and the Supply Chain

Winter Reading Guide

Working Together for a Competitive Advantage

By Paul Myerson

Emerging platforms and technologies offer a world of new ways for consumers to buy online and choose from various delivery options. This book describes the impact of omnichannel marketing on the supply chain and logistics functions. It is intended to help management meet the needs of today’s ever-changing landscape, and to anticipate what may be required in the future to achieve superior customer service, profitability, and a competitive advantage.

Circular Supply Chain: 17 Common Questions

Winter Reading Guide

How Any Supply Chain Can Take the Next Step

By Deborah Dull

Every material in today’s economy is there because supply chain professionals planned, made, and moved it to where it is now. The circular economy can add even more value to those materials. The book’s common questions and their answers home in on what circularity means for the profession, and spark necessary conversations to keep supply chains across industries and around the world running.

Winning in the Digital Age

Winter Reading Guide

Building Blocks of a Successful Transformation Journey

By Nitin Seth

What does it take for supply chain leaders to win in the digital age? Just a complete overhaul of their business model and organizational design. Such a large and complex change is not easy to manage. This book answers key questions on how to best leverage artificial intelligence and the cloud, how company cultures need to change, the new skills leaders and young professionals need to build, and more.

Digital Supply Networks

Winter Reading Guide

Transform Your Supply Chain and Gain Competitive Advantage with Disruptive Technology and Reimagined Processes

By Amit Sinha, Ednilson Bernardes, Rafael Calderon, and Thorsten Wuest

Drawing from real-world experience and academic research, the authors provide an in-depth account of the limitations of traditional supply chains and the underlying potential of digitally enabled supply flows. This guide leads supply chain professionals through the process of building supply networks, increasing revenue, reimagining business models, and providing added value to customers, stakeholders, and society.

Predictive Analytics for Business Forecasting & Planning

Winter Reading Guide

By J. Eric Wilson, CPF

Businesses produce data in ever-increasing volumes, making predictive analytics a competitive advantage. Offering an overview of the latest demand planning, business forecasting, and predictive analytics applications, this book serves as a guide for supply chain professionals who want to improve their skills and learn how their teams can leverage data to drive business value.

Maritime Logistics: A Guide to Contemporary Shipping and Port Management

Winter Reading Guide

Third Edition

By Dong-Wook Song and Photis M. Panayides

Ocean freight remains the most common form of transportation for goods globally. Learn the core theories and latest research in maritime logistics, as well as how the field operates and contributes to global supply chains. The third edition offers new content on maintenance optimization, supply chain integration, and port performance.

Food Supply Chain Management: Building a Sustainable Future

Winter Reading Guide

Second Edition

By Madeleine Pullman and Zhaohui Wu

This updated edition provides a comprehensive approach to food supply chain management, plus a global perspective and new topics for academic and non-academic readers, such as cold chain, last-mile logistics, traceability in the food supply chain, and the implications of global trade and climate change. Case studies, quick facts, and mini-cases examine the farm-to-table movement, sustainable co-ops, and more.