Young Professionals Remain Positive

Young Professionals Remain Positive

About 99% of professionals aged 30 and younger say that working in supply chain is a quality career choice, according to a Penske survey, with 58% pursuing a supply chain career due to its beneficial societal impact delivering essential goods during the pandemic. Key findings from the survey reveal:

  • 95% of young professionals express excitement for their development track and training opportunities.
  • 60% list development opportunities and work environment/co-workers as the top reasons they remain with their current employers.

  • 88% identify their job as good, 80% feel their job is better than most, and 77% say their work
    is enjoyable.
  • 44% of respondents indicate a willingness to relocate to advance their careers.
  • The impact on businesses, variety of opportunities, and fast pace and challenges are the top reasons young professionals are interested in supply chain careers.
  • Development opportunities are the top reason respondents might choose a different employer, followed by salary-benefits increases, graduating school, or finding more interesting work.
  • Social media, online job boards, company websites, and word of mouth through professional peers are the top methods young professionals use to search for employment.

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