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Helping Del Monte Optimize its Transportation Network - Transplace

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By partnering with Transplace's Business Intelligence team, food products maker Del Monte was able to gain access to its entire data set, create automated reports around key metrics, and reduce overall transportation spend.

The Challenge

As one of the country's largest producers, distributors and marketers of premium-quality, branded food products, Del Monte has a large number of shipments moving throughout its supply chain, resulting in a tremendous amount of data. Unfortunately, the company's reporting procedures mostly involved manually updating spreadsheets—a time-consuming process where it could take weeks to produce a desired report. Del Monte recognized the need to automate its reporting process in order to make faster, data-driven business decisions and reduce transportation costs.

The Solution

Having already successfully partnered with Transplace to manage its North American transportation operations for more than a decade, Del Monte leaned on the logistics company to help automate its reporting process and improve its business intelligence. By partnering with Transplace's Business Intelligence team, Del Monte was able to gain access to its entire data set and create a new suite of automated reports. The company can now quickly and easily create scheduled or ad hoc reports and dashboards around key metrics, including on-time performance, tender acceptance, transportation spend versus budget, and more.

Del Monte's supply chain group can now access and share critical data—both around internal operations and market trends—improving decision-making and communication with company leadership about market conditions and rising freight costs. By improving its business intelligence and more quickly addressing supply chain issues, Del Monte has been able to optimize its network and reduce overall transportation spend.

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