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What hobbies/activities make you better at supply chain and logistics management?

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Supply chain management is like cooking a complicated meal. You must plan well, execute with excellence, and serve perfectly and promptly. Have great tools and multitask. Be creative to create outstanding results.

Hannah Kain
President & CEO, ALOM

Staying active and participating in team sports definitely translates to my ability to succeed at supply chain management and logistics. As an individual, I have an obligation to my teammates, and I don't want to let them down—whether it's on the field or in the warehouse.

Jon Wiederecht
Director of Lean Enterprise & Operations ModusLink

Running builds the required endurance. Weight lifting develops the strength needed for success. Hot yoga builds the flexibility and balance required for an agile supply chain. And reading is essential to keep up to date on a fast-changing field.

Tom Sanderson
CEO, Transplace

A techie at heart, I'm always reading up on or testing out new consumer and commercial products. It inspires me to figure out how I can incorporate these innovations to better my business and continue to modernize the logistics field.

Shani Atapattu
Vice President, Overseas Cargo Inc.

World travelers improve their mastery of online freight and logistics tools by booking and managing their vacations on the internet—whether it be purchasing plane tickets and hotel rooms, researching top attractions or hailing a cab.

Augie Grasis
Founder & CEO, ShipX

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