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Don Caddy
Chief Operating Officer

Mission Statement
To provide cutting edge solutions that offer maximum savings, excellent service and support, and best of class technology and engineering to our customers.

After 15 years of operation, Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii) has continued to be a market leader in automation solutions for rapid package and mail processing. As demands increase, accuracy and efficiency become more important than ever before. Eii adapts automation to your processing environment, fitting any size operation. We offer custom processing solutions for postal, distribution, fulfillment, warehousing, and reverse logistics applications.

To truly tackle the logistics market, you need solutions to improve and automate: barcode scanning, package weighing, sorting, dimensioning, labeling, optical character recognition, and more. With Eii’s solutions, your overall speed and processing costs can greatly improve—all while optimizing staff workflow and decreasing training time.

Combining our process-engineering, data-acquisition, and imaging experience, Eii can provide our customers with custom sorting equipment and implement automation solutions to maximize throughput, efficiency, destination accuracy, and ROI. With Engineering Innovation, you can easily act on scanned information to make precise responses to your customers and the market with built-in business logic compatibility.

As consumers expect faster more affordable shipping, Eii provides solutions that can scale as you do. Our solutions are easily reconfigured once installed. With modular options and custom configurations, we will help to design and create a solution to match your changing business needs. These solutions include the Chameleon™ Parcel Processing Solution—a high-speed parcel processing platform ideal for induction into inbound warehousing and outbound distribution networks. Also included is the versatile LightSort™ Sorting System. Our LightSort Technology makes it easy to find the right location on the first try, reducing errors and increasing productivity with pick or sort-to-light technology. Building on our successful LightSort Sort-to-Light, our new Carton Flow Rack features gravity feed rollers to move the container of your choice forward in a First-In First-Out system. Ideal for final mile delivery, couriers, or 3PLs looking to improve delivery and processing times.

Increase your return on investment and keep your processes up and running with Engineering Innovation’s parcel solutions. We complement our great products by providing best-in-class service and support after the sale, designed to ensure our customer’s success. Meet consumer expectations, create more affordable shipping options, and reduce training time for staff—all while choosing cost-effective automation and sorting technology.

Engineering Innovation, Inc.
3601 Sagamore Pkwy N., Ste. Eii
Lafayette, IN 47904