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Mission Statement
Gorbel® protects the things that matter most to you. With a portfolio of warehouse and overhead
solutions, our goal is to enhance productivity, profitability, and safety throughout your plant, warehouse, and distribution center.

Founded in 1977, Gorbel® started as a small company in Western NY and has expanded to over 800 employees with manufacturing locations across North America. We’re a thriving, growing company that is constantly seeking out new ways to innovate and elevate our products and processes to better meet our customers’ needs while remaining on the cutting-edge of engineering.

Gorbel® is a leading provider of material handling solutions whose mission is to improve lives with ergonomic technology. Most recently, that mission led Gorbel® to acquire the Destuff-it™ Portable Ergonomic Conveyor. The Destuff-it™ helps workers load and unload containers at record speeds while reducing the risk of muscle strain and fatigue.

Before the Destuff-it™ was acquired, Gorbel® cemented itself as a reliable and quality-oriented manufacturer of lifting systems. With a strong commitment to customer service, Gorbel® has offered high-performance systems to a broad variety of industries for nearly 50 years.

Gorbel® matches products with industry needs using a consultative approach. Regional distributors and representatives bring expertise to the local level, while Gorbel® products are used internationally in industries ranging from heavy manufacturing to aerospace.

Our Product Line-Up

Warehouse Solutions
Manually loading containers is labor-intensive, costly, and often results in damaged products. Gorbel® Warehouse Solutions present an alternative—the Destuff-it™ Portable Ergonomic Conveyor. Designed to provide a safer and more efficient method for handling floor-stacked products, the Destuff-it™ features an adjustable hydraulic platform and battery-powered drive system. Workers simply position the machine against a product wall and slide each product onto a conveyor without bending or reaching. The Destuff-it™ reduces physical strain and boosts productivity so effectively that it can increase case rate by up to 75%.

Three varieties of Gorbel® conveyors can be integrated with the Destuff-it™ or purchased
individually: cascading belt, flexible roller, and telescopic. The Destuff-it™ also integrates well with existing conveyor systems.

Fall Protection
The Tether Track™ system comprises the Gorbel® Fall Protection line. Unlike horizontal lifeline systems, Tether Track™ allows workers to effortlessly pass each other without disconnecting and minimizes the risk and time-cost of reattachment. Many users experience unmatched comfort and freedom of movement.

Gorbel® crane offerings include Work Stations cranes and Monorails, the Cleveland Tramrail® in four configurations, hoists, I-beam jibs, enclosed track jibs, articulating jibs, and gantry cranes. Most Gorbel® cranes can be effortlessly customized using our advanced quoting and configuration interface, CraneBrain™.

Intelligent Lifting
To bridge the gap between traditional lifting and robotics, Gorbel® offers two intelligent lifting devices. The G-Force® redefines hoists and allows for precise placement and user-friendly unweighting of heavy loads. The Easy Arm® combines the G-Force® with an articulating jib.

Whether you are looking for warehouse or overhead solutions, Gorbel® representatives are dedicated to elevating your operation. We want to defy gravity, literally and in spirit. Get started with a Gorbel® representative today.

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