COSCO SHIPPING Lines (North America) Inc.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines (North America) Inc.

COSCO SHIPPING brings the highest quality of ocean cargo transportation services to every corner of the globe, with one of the largest, newest and ‘greenest’ fleets making frequent and timely calls to the busiest ports worldwide. COSCO SHIPPING delivers your containerized cargo quickly, economically and securely, interfacing with rail, road, barge, air and more, with advanced equipment and technology leading the way to absolute supply chain efficiency. And, there is no other ocean carrier who knows China better.

Your China Partner

With long and detailed experience in moving cargo in and out of the interior of China, COSCO SHIPPING is your guide to selecting the right feeder services, barge, railroad, and trucking companies. With local offices and representatives positioned strategically in all of the manufacturing and production cities across China and Asia, COSCO SHIPPING can save you time, money and paperwork in getting your shipments prepared and on to port locations. COSCO SHIPPING truly is your China partner, with accurate and comprehensive advice available to you by phone, fax, web, and other sources on a real-time, around-the-clock basis. No matter if you are just beginning to trade with China or are an old China hand, COSCO SHIPPING can add value to your supply chain.

E-Lines is E-Sweet, Now Includes the New Customer Portal

COSCO SHIPPING provides you with the tools to make the shipping process seamless, easy and efficient. Our new E-Lines web service helps you check routes and rates, collect details and documentation, share data, generate bills of lading, track and/or redirect inbound and outbound shipments, and maintain accurate metrics and reporting. Our E-Lines e-suite saves you time, effort and aggravation, and is backed by a global network of ocean cargo specialists ready 24/7 to assist in any part of the process. See it and try it through the new COSCO SHIPPING Customer Portal at

The Ocean Alliance

COSCO SHIPPING is part of the Ocean Alliance, the largest operational agreement ever made between shipping companies. With more than 40 maritime services, we will be sharing our fleet with the largest Asian shipping companies. By offering more ports and more direct calls, as well as better transit times, we will provide our customers with unmatched quality services. This new offering is a cornerstone of our strategy as it reinforces our competitiveness and strengthens our position as a key player in the shipping industry.

We Deliver Value

COSCO SHIPPING doesn’t just move ocean cargo, we make moving ocean cargo a better part of your bottom line. 50 main-line services, 85 offices in 160 countries serving 1000 ports around the globe all add up to a world-class ocean carrier with worldwide capabilities.

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COSCO SHIPPING Lines (North America) Inc.
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