J. Kenneth Hazen

J. Kenneth Hazen


Total Logistics
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Founded in 1957, CTSI-Global solves supply chain challenges by transforming logistics data into actionable insights.


  • Logistics Management
  • Honeybee TMS
  • Spend Management
  • Strategic Data


  • Memphis
  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Singapore

In a world of complex supply chain data, go Global.


Your Global Logistics Ecosystem

CTSI-Global is the largest private freight audit tech provider in the world, processing $15 billion in transactions every year. Versatile managed logistics services, robust Honeybee TMS, legendary spend management, and analytical Strategic Data create end-to-end supply chain solutions that fit your business. Our tech solutions automate processes, improve performance, and decrease transportation costs for national, regional, and global shippers.

We personalize our logistics ecosystem to the needs of your company and industry. We support clients from all industries, from life sciences to electronics, aerospace to automotive, and retail to 3PL. Our dedicated business analysts provide tactical support and all-inclusive business reviews.

Logistics Management

  • Experts optimize your logistics strategy while providing full visibility as we navigate the intricacies of your supply chain.

Honeybee TMS

  • Comprehensive TMS to plan and execute shipments: Manage orders, optimize loads, select carriers, tender shipments, manifest parcels, track shipments, and manage claims.

Spend Management

  • Eliminate payment errors, save time and money, and offload contract management with the most advanced global freight audit and payment.

Strategic Data

  • Business intelligence dashboards and benchmarking tools empower you to visualize, synthesize, and analyze trends in your shipping data, centralized.

Your business depends on timely, accurate, and complete visibility to execute shipping and manage transportation spend. Invest in CTSI-Global to reduce your costs and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

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