10 Best Paying Trucking Companies

10 Best Paying Trucking Companies

Are you a truck driver looking to work for one of the country’s great trucking companies? Below is a list of the top paying trucking companies, as ranked by TruckDriversSalary.com.

GP Transco and Riverside Transport stand out not just for their competitive pay but also for their reputation as being a best trucking company to work for. These industry giants consistently rank among the highest paying trucking companies in the American freight industry, attracting and retaining great truck drivers. However, it’s worth noting that trucking company Yellow Corp., while previously recognized at #82 for its compensation, faced recent bankruptcy, impacting its standing among the best trucking companies for drivers and company drivers in the industry.


# Company (Click For Profile) Annual Pay
1 GP Transco $87,723
2 Riverside Transport $87,488
3 Barr-Nunn $87,142
4 Wal-Mart $87,013
5 Empire Express $84,480
6 Epes Transport $83,921
7 Hogan Transportation $83,876
8 Mercer Transportation $83,740
9 Grand Island Express $83,000
10 Artur Express Inc $82,955

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