Case Studies

Shane Grutsch: Oil’s Well That Ends Well

If your next order of french fries, chicken nuggets, or onion rings is cooked to a golden crisp, you might have Shane Grutsch of Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI), Minneapolis, to thank. More than 10,000 U.S. foodservice establishments use RTI’s patented system to manage their cooking oil. RTI provides and maintains equipment that automatically feeds oil […]

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John Depew: High-Flying Logistics

As manager of distribution for a magazine publisher, John Depew faces an odd concern: his display racks won’t stand still. That’s because the “racks” are seatback pockets on commercial aircraft. Working for American Airlines Publishing, Depew’s job is to move newly published in-flight magazines from the printer in Jonesboro, Ark., to some 200 airports, making […]

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Orange Seeks Agent

Freed from its corporate parent, orange beverage maker Sunny Delight forms a 3PL partnership to juice up its supply chain.

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Heather Fryar: Life on the Strategic Side

Airplane components, laundry detergent additives, offset printing equipment, and men’s formal wear have one thing in common: Heather Fryar. As logistics manager for St. Louis-based Sequa Corp., Fryar oversees inbound and outbound transportation strategy for the parent company’s seven business units. That means improving transportation processes and cutting costs among operations that manufacture a diverse […]

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