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Part of the Ship’s Engine, Not Part of the Load

It’s amazing what we can learn if we stop talking long enough to listen. As a CEO, there are so many occasions to speak, to describe, to explain, and to present our ideas. But I find that the most valuable experiences are those that offer the chance to simply hear—really HEAR and fully UNDERSTAND—what those […]

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Logistics Land and Supply Chain City

One of the more interesting ideas to come along the business philosophy turnpike in recent years is the concept of the “experience economy.” Spurred on by consumers who want not only goods and services, but also immersion in memorable encounters, providers began looking for ways to maximize the experience potential of their businesses. The most […]

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From Market Position To Eco-System

The door to dialogue is open! In the April and May issues of Inbound Logistics, this column focused on the ways our business is changing. Rapidly. Dramatically. And permanently! I invited readers to respond with their thoughts and their experiences, and respond you did. You wrote about increasing the velocity of supply chains, synchronizing activities, […]

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Collaboration… It’s More Than Visibility

Collaboration. The use of this term in business-to-business marketing is equivalent to “free” in consumer marketing. It’s catchy, it’s new and, best of all, no one knows what it really means. Collaboration has been used to describe open-market bids, trade exchanges, shipment tracing/tracking, sharing order status information, and more. But what is collaboration really? What […]

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Life in the Fast Lane

There used to be those who viewed logistics as a slightly sleepy business. Sure, we worked against the clock, we moved things along, we met our customers’ timetables, we worked very hard to get products safely and on time to the places they had to be. But the pace, compared to the way we move […]

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Start-me-up, Scotty!

In the classic Star Trek series, whenever someone wanted to go from here to there in an instant, they just said, “Beam-me-up, Scotty,” and there they’d be. It was more than transportation. It was transformation. And “beaming up” might be a way to describe what is happening today. Our bold new 21st Century has vaulted […]

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