Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain Analysis

Spencer Moore

Walmart’s ShippingPass Has Ended. What Retailers Should Do Next.

The shipping wars between Walmart and Amazon are heating up. On Jan. 31, 2017, Walmart halted its ShippingPass delivery service in exchange for free two-day shipping—signaling their latest move against Amazon. As more retailers offer free shipping, today’s consumers now expect online purchases to be delivered “fast and free.” Evolving customer expectations for delivery are […]

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Kevin Hill

Weighing Solutions for All Facets of Warehouse Operations

Warehousing and distribution centers rely on efficient, accurate, and reliable data to ensure peak performance and guarantee the safety of employees. Investing in quality scales and systems helps ensure billing accuracy by monitoring the weight of cargo. Additionally, companies can ensure that vehicles are utilized optimally. With the rising demand for high-precision weighing solutions in […]

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Sven Thiesen

Evaluate Partners Before You Sign the Contract

In an increasingly competitive global environment, every element of the supply chain must be effective and efficient—to deliver the right quality products, on time and at the right price. Empowering your procurement team before supplier selection is key. For companies that outsource materials, parts, and equipment, the potential for quality issues and hidden costs can […]

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Amar Shah, Danielle Moushon, and Sunil Agarwal

Optimizing the Product Portfolio

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and the most successful distributors continue to accommodate their customers through multiple channels designed to attract and retain them. Despite all the business emphasis on community, engagement, and relationship, the importance of offering the right variety of products remains—and it cannot be overlooked. In this environment, the constant pressure […]

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Matt Tillman

Trump Presidency Is Reality. Let’s Talk Supply Chain Implications.

As the 2016 Presidential election results were announced, it became clear that the candidate with the least concrete trade policy had won. This created a fair amount of concern for supply chain professionals everywhere: Would the new president implement the protectionist measures he campaigned on, or were those statements made primarily to appeal to an audience? […]

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Sue Welch

Why Retailers Need the TPP

In recent months, the acronym “TPP” has made international headlines, and has been a somewhat unexpected cause of dissension and acrimony among governments and citizens. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, more commonly known as TPP, is a trade agreement that aims to deepen economic ties among 12 countries along the Pacific Rim by reducing tariffs and stimulating […]

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Neal Walters, Matthew Getz, and Mike Piccarreta

Reshape and Refresh Your Product Portfolio for a Streamlined Supply Chain

Organizations embrace periods of strategic portfolio expansion as a lever to improve top- and bottom-line growth. But in the wake of product proliferation, portfolio complexity emerges with unanticipated supply chain consequences that can significantly impact customer service, quality, and cost. The accumulation of products spanning multiple life-cycle stages may redirect the organization away from its […]

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