Viewpoint: Logistics & Supply Chain Analysis

David Strand

The Surprising Upside to CSA 2010

When it comes to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s guidelines known as CSA 2010, the trucking industry has focused on its potential drawbacks, including job losses for truckers and other challenges for carriers. While such issues do exist, there are also opportunities for drivers, carriers, and shippers to benefit from the rules’ move to […]

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10 Ways to Gain Control Over Parcel Transportation Costs

The amount of effort shippers put into carrier management directly correlates to their success at controlling transportation costs. Incumbent carriers often know more about their client’s shipments than the shipper does. But shippers can tilt the actionable information scales in their favor to achieve lower parcel transportation costs. Here are 10 points shippers should consider […]

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Joe White

How the Driver Shortage Impacts Capacity

It is likely that a driver shortage is coming, due to pressures such as an aging driver workforce, the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Compliance Safety Accountability program, and the anticipated DOT-mandated reduction in driving hours. Yet many supply chain professionals have yet to grasp how a driver shortage impacts capacity. Simply put, a driver shortage […]

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Strengthening Your China Operations

The consumer goods industry has been hurt by the economic chill on both sides of the Pacific. In the United States, declining sales, inventory cutbacks, and limited credit are affecting demand. In China, the decline in exports has caused significant instability, widespread factory closures, and growing unrest among a labor force that has lost millions […]

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Kate Vitasek

Why You Should Vest With Your Outsourcing Partners, Now!

We hear and read constantly about the critical need for lean, green, transparent, collaborative, efficient, and cost-effective supply chains and logistics partners. But how have your partnerships fared lately? How have things progressed over the past three or four years? Are your outsourcing and logistics contracts living up to their initial promises and premises? Do […]

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Chip Smith

Building Better 3PL Relationships

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are tremendously popular with shippers for surface transportation in North America. Freight brokers, forwarders, and intermodal marketing companies offer capacity, expertise, technology, and buying power on a scale no shipper can replicate on its own. Not all 3PLs are the same, however. Here are a few tips to help you get […]

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Mick Mountz

Using Distribution and Fulfillment as Strategic Weapons

Distribution center (DC) assets in the supply chain are often relegated to cost center, necessary evil, or even non-value-added status. But focusing only on costs overlooks distribution and fulfillment’s value to the corporation. In Web retailing, for example, price comparison shopping has neutralized cost advantages to the point where consumers make online buying decisions based […]

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Finding and Attracting C-Suite Leadership

The days of fragmentation characterizing global logistics are drawing to a close. With globalization, more companies are striving to become end-to-end service providers for global customers. They see an opportunity to greatly improve profitability by offering higher-value services and gaining increased market share. To get there faster, they will continue to pursue mergers and acquisitions […]

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Losing Money in LTL? Try Small Parcel

Complacency is costly. Nowhere is this truer than in the way some companies practice less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Many shippers are choosing costlier LTL services when they could be using small-parcel shipping. In fact, the average shipper may overspend by 15 to 20 percent on LTL, which is unconscionable in these cost-conscious times. The problem is […]

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Does Your Cargo Insurance Deliver?

Cargo theft amounts to $25 billion in direct merchandise losses each year, estimates the National Cargo Security Council. Full truckload theft in 2008 increased 13 percent over the prior year, reports FreightWatch International. Considering that 675,000 registered interstate motor carriers move 65 percent of the freight in the United States, the odds are good that […]

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Finding New Value in Truck Leasing

Back when the economy was humming along, business logistics managers turned to leasing for their transportation programs because it enabled them to focus energy on their core business. Today, logistics managers’ priorities have changed dramatically, but leasing still makes sense. Now, with all eyes on the bottom line, businesses choose leasing because it’s a viable […]

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The Evolving Supply Chain Manager

Managing today’s complex supply chain requires the skills of a C-level executive, plus the special knowledge of supply chain disciplines including forecasting, purchasing, transportation, inventory management, quality, warehousing, channel costing, and technology. Fifty years ago, nobody managed a supply chain. Departments and individuals teamed up to obtain supply certainty and efficiency. But conflicting departmental and […]

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Unloading Trouble at the Loading Dock

Most or all of a shipper’s inventory eventually passes through the loading dock, so it’s essential that the area be configured correctly. Two common loading area problems are inadequately sized dock openings and rough terrain around the dock area. Where either of these conditions exist, load damage and costly delays are likely to occur. Understanding […]

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