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Customers want their processes to be simple and efficient. That’s where CRM systems come in.

Q: What obstacles do shippers typically face when working with outdated software systems?

A: When customers are looking to ship something, cost and reliability aren’t their only considerations. They also want the process to be simple and save them time. They want to avoid making phone calls, visiting multiple websites, and the risk of getting inaccurate information. When they have to work with older, outdated software to request a shipment, the entire process can be much more time-consuming and labor-intensive. They want an interface that’s clean and easy to use, with fewer click-throughs and no toggling between pages or multiple websites.

Q: Do you offer a solution that eliminates these problems?

A: An integrated platform offers ease of use, with the shipper merely clicking a button to enter their shipment details and obtain a quote. They can feel confident that their quote will be accurate and their pricing locked in when they are ready to ship. This combines to save the customer time and money, and to help ensure their peace of mind.

The system we developed, DLS Worldwide’s CRM System, provides customers with a simple interface in which shippers can find multimodal quoting, booking and reporting, shipment tracking, and invoice management with online payment options. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and a one-stop shop for all logistics needs. Best of all, since this is our own proprietary software, we can make changes and enhancements on the fly. We consider feedback from our customers and strive to make this the best in the industry.

Shippers who’ve already signed on for this program like the ease of use, timely pickups and deliveries, competitive rates, and options provided. Overall they have seen a 12% freight reduction since implementation over a year ago. Our customers also like the personalized support that their customers receive from our staff.

DLS Worldwide optimizes your distribution and controls your costs through our spectrum of integrated services, unique sources of capacity, and global, technology-based delivery network.

Rely on DLS Worldwide for:


    • Domestic LTL & Truckload
    • International Air, LCL and FCL
    • Expedited Air or Ground with Same Day, Next Day or Two Day Options
    • White glove solutions including install & unpack, liftgate delivery, and more

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