Finding a Strategic Supply Chain Partner

Q: Companies have many choices when looking for transportation solutions today. What are the important factors to consider when selecting a strategic partner?

A: In this ever-changing environment marked by varying availability and unpredictable market behavior, you need a partner who can handle these challenges while you focus on growing your business.

You need a partner who can leverage your supply chain through technology and innovative processes, backed up by experts in the field with a deep passion and drive to help other businesses succeed. Your partner should always be ready to help you tackle the challenges that come along the way and make the best of the opportunities ahead.

Q: What’s more important: Technology applied to transportation and logistics, or humans with experience working as a team? Why?

A: Both of them are musts. Lately, technology has allowed us to better approach and translate our customers’ requirements into innovative solutions that add real value to their chain. On the other hand, it makes no sense to have technology without the right people behind it.

If you mix tech with expertise, a thorough understanding of the industry, and great service, then you give value to your customers and tell them you care about them.

Q: Given today’s fast pace of evolution driven by customer requests for new solutions, how important is it for providers to be flexible and versatile? How does LFS demonstrate those qualities?

A: Would the same size shirt fit everybody? No, it wouldn’t. Customers always have different needs and intentions. This is why you should always be flexible and adapt your products to their challenges.

We don’t just ship. We make a huge effort to understand every customer’s business and make competitive offers, each one tailor-made according to what they want, but also what would be more suitable for them. It is about knowing their real needs and offering quality and high-value solutions.

Q: As complexity grows in global shipments, it can be very confusing for customers. What is the benefit of partnering with a provider that offers all-inclusive solutions?

A: When you need to buy something, you have two options: You can do it yourself or look for an expert who can help you with it.

Working with LFS means building relationships with a strategic partner that will help you grow your business through expertise and well-informed choices.

Besides making it simpler by leaving all the hard work and paper processes to us, our customer will get not just a one-time product from a provider, but a sequence of growth-focused innovative solutions from a reliable partner.

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