20 Leading Global Trade Management Systems Providers in 2023

20 Leading Global Trade Management Systems Providers in 2023

Global trade management systems (GTMS) are some of the best tools that commerce businesses can use. Regardless of the industry, they’re valuable in assisting with international trade. 

There are dozens of GTMS available, but not all of them are leaders in the industry. Below you’ll find 20 leading global trade management systems providers. 

What Are Global Trade Management Systems?

A global trade management system is a software solution that companies can use to manage all international trade. It helps them comply with the complex international trade regulations related to commerce. Global trade management systems can automate trade processes, lower the risk of being non-compliant, and even streamline supply chain operations. 


Toronto, Canada | 3rdwave.co

3rdWave is a cloud-based GTMS launched in Canada in 2002, with its headquarters in Toronto. With over 20 years of experience as one of Canada’s largest GTMS, they have developed solutions for many large importers and exporters. 

Several leading industry experts are running the operations at 3rdWave, including their Chief Product Officer, Ned Blinck. Some of the services this GTMS provides clients include import and export management and master data management. 

3rdWave can help with commerce worldwide, even though they’re based in Canada.

Acuitive Solutions 

Charlotte, NC | Acuitivesolutions.com

Founders Phillip Marlowe and William Robbins Jr. founded Acuitive Solutions in 2002. The company’s headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since starting Acuitive Solutions from the ground up, they’ve become a leader in cloud-based global supply chain management. 

With over 20 years of experience, Acuitive Solutions has become a global trade provider to some of the world’s largest companies, like Ralph Lauren and Home Depot. Some of their services include freight bill audits, rate management, and supply chain sourcing software.

This GTMS has substantial revenue, with their last reported one at just under $5 million.


Atlanta, GA | Aptean.com

One of the best global trade management companies for apparel retailers is Aptean. This global trade management service was founded in 2012 when Consona Corporation and CDC Software merged to provide more in-depth global trade operations. 

Aptean offers enterprise asset management, product lifecycle management, compliance services, and more. They also help companies in various industries like retail, food and beverage, and equipment dealing companies. 

Bamboo Rose

Gloucester, MA | Bamboorose.com

Bamboo Rose is a newer GTMS with origins dating only back to 2014. They’ve quickly become one of the leading options worldwide. Their headquarters is in Gloucester, Massachusetts, but they help suppliers worldwide with supply chain management. 

Some of the best services you can use with Bamboo Rose include a multi-enterprise platform that provides complete visibility on one platform. 

Centrade Mendota 

Heights, MN | Centrade.io

If you want a GTMS with decades of experience, then Centrade Mendota is it. It began as a logistics company in 1973, providing air freight assistance to companies. Now, they’re one of the leading companies for global trade management, with headquarters in Heights, Minnesota. 

When you use Centrade Mendota, you’ll benefit from supply chain visibility that customers will appreciate, advanced analytics, and cloud-based software that you can utilize from anywhere. 

Cleartrack Information Network

Brentwood, TN | Cleartrack.com

Cleartrack Information Network is a subsidiary of MercuryGate International that opened in 2000. Their operations stem from Brentwood, Tennessee. It’s one of numerous global trade

management services that assist with free trade agreements, end-to-end visibility, and more.

Other services Cleartrack Information Network offers suppliers include logistics management, global sourcing, trade compliance, and other things to make business processes more efficient. 

Descartes Systems Group

Waterloo, Ontario | Descartes.com 

Descartes Systems Group operates out of Waterloo, Ontario, and has been operational since the 1990s within the supply chain management industry. The company helps focus on international trade. 

Descartes System Group’s solutions include easier cross-border transactions, shipment tracking, financial forecasting, and more. They strive to connect parties worldwide through a cloud-based system. 

Descartes Visual Compliance 

Buffalo, NY | Visualcompliance.com

Descartes Visual Compliance is a GTMS founded in 1981 in Buffalo, New York. It’s part of the larger Descartes Systems Group. Their goal is to provide comprehensive global trade compliance solutions. 

When you work with Descartes Visual Compliance, they offer services such as export classification, audit and resolution, export automation, and compliance solutions all on one global trade management software. 


Austin, TX | e2open.com

e2open launched in 2000 but didn’t start providing cloud-based software solutions to companies until 2001. The company’s base is in Austin, Texas, but they help companies worldwide with end-to-end visibility. 

Companies using e2open can control costs more effectively and conduct all business operations more efficiently. 

  • IDC recognizes e2open as a leader (highest and furthest) in its MarketScape for Global Trade Management.
  • E2open’s customers cross nearly every major industry vertical. The 20 that Gartner lists in its Market Guide all have “yes” for e2open.
  • Annual GTM transactions exceed 113 million.


Wayne, PA | Elemica.com

Elemica stems from significant chemical companies Bayer, BASF, and Dow Chemical coming together to create a global supply chain network. Their solutions work more for the chemical industry and serve 1,300 clients. 

Wayne, Pennsylvania, is their headquarters location, but they serve clients in over 80 countries. Elemica developed integrated solutions to help mitigate risks, provide visibility, and increase efficiency. 


Fountain Valley, CA | Freightgate.com

Freightgate is a logistics cloud platform with headquarters in Fountain Valley, California. This business has been providing logistics solutions since its founding in 1998, but in 2000, it launched its comprehensive solution to trade management. 

Key features of Freightgate include cross-border trade, freight forwarders, and regulatory compliance. Their centralized solution can help streamline trade processes. 


Miami Beach, FL | Freightos.com 

Zvi Schreiber founded Freightos in 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida, intending to make access to a freight marketplace easier for businesses. He remains the CEO of Freightos, which launched its global trade management software in 2013. 

Freightos’ global trade operations include a more visible supply chain, free trade agreements, a duty savings program, and more. 

Freightos has an average number of customers for a global trade management system, with about 2,000, and their revenue in 2022 exceeded $20 million. 


Atlanta, GA | Intellitrans.com 

IntelliTrans has been around since 1994, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it offered suppliers and brokers a cloud-based solution to global trade management. Even though their headquarters are in Atlanta, they’ve expanded to have offices in Europe and Asia. 

This global trade management system is part of Roper Technologies. Intellitrans offers solutions to global shipments like visibility, compliance, and managed services. It’s a privately held business with just under $28 million in revenue. 


Tinton Falls, NJ | Log-net.com

John Motley is the founder and CEO of Log-Net. He launched this GTMS in 1990, and in 1998, it started offering global trade content to suppliers. 

Log-net is a comprehensive global trade solution that offers clients document management, easy data transfer, access to various supply chains, and compliance operations. 

The company’s goal is to reduce risks associated with global trade, one client at a time. 


Mendota Heights, MN | Navegate.com 

Navegate is part of Radiant Logistics and has been operational since 1996, with a GTMS that launched in 2009. The main office is located in Minnesota, but they have expanded to have offices in Asia and Europe to serve customers more effectively. 

Key features that Navegate offers include product management, customs brokers, export compliance, and more supply chain operations. 

nVision Global

Atlanta, GA | Corporate.nvisionglobal.com 

nVision Global has been providing GTMS to businesses since opening in Australia in 2003. This all-encompassing global trade management software has expanded rapidly and has become one of the best worldwide. 

Those who use nVision Global can take advantage of their real-time shipment visibility and trade compliance and avoid costly penalties for not being compliant.

nVision Global helps businesses in industries like healthcare, retail, and others deliver goods in a timely manner without dealing with trade agreement issues. Larry DeLeon has been running nVision successfully since 2014. 

QAD Precision 

Downers Grove, IL | Precisionsoftware.com 

QAD Precision started in 1983 as Precision Software, and in 2013, QAD Inc. bought Precision Software and rebranded it as QAD Precision. The software helps a business have better control over their trade operations. 

Some key features of QAD Precision include free trade agreements, restricted party screening, import and export management, and foreign-trade policy.

SEKO Logistics 

Itasca, IL | Sekologistics.com

SEKO Logistics started in 1967 and has grown to operate in more than 40 countries worldwide. With headquarters in Illinois, SEKO can provide freight logistics and other trade services to businesses in industries like healthcare, aviation, and more. 

This GTMS assists with global fulfillment, international shipping, freight operation, and other transportation methods for final delivery to happen faster. 

Transportation Insight 

Hickory, NC | Transportationinsight.com

Transportation Insight has been around since 1999, and its headquarters remain in Hickory, North Carolina. It’s one of the largest third-party logistics providers in the US and has a great GTMS. 

This GTMS provides better visibility, customs compliance management, export license management, and other solutions to reduce delays and mitigate risks. As one of the largest GTMS, they bring in almost $690 million annually. 


Mt Sinai, NY | Transportgistics.com 

TransportGistics is a smaller GTMS that launched in 2001. The company only has 11-50 employees but is still one of the top GTMS options. 

TransportGistics provides services that include international trade management, documentation management, tariff management, and other aspects that will streamline business operations surrounding trade. 


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