GOOD QUESTION | Has supply chain impatience gotten out of hand?

GOOD QUESTION | Has supply chain impatience gotten out of hand?

Absolutely. While it is nice that consumers can get more things faster and cheaper than ever before, it puts tremendous pressure on retailers to keep profits up. Retailers start moving up sales for each season: back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s getting so bad that I predict the Christmas 2018 season will be celebrated in Christmas 2017. How many more of the old retailers will still be standing by then? Very few, I believe.

Rich Foley
Logistics Manager
SDI Technologies

Customer demand fuels impatience. Service expectations have intensified due to the advent of the internet and paradigm-shifting businesses. Corporate survival will boil down to each organization’s ability to adapt and innovate as new technologies, business models, and techniques emerge.

Craig Engelhardt
Managing Director
Savills Studley

Yes. Companies are afraid of unused capacity and are too quick to lower prices. Instead, they should be leveraging sophisticated analytics, coupled with internal and competitor data, to determine where they can incent additional demand, when prices should be lowered, and by how much.

Michael Bentley
Revenue Analytics

No. We need to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. At times, we may need to slow down to speed up. We need time to think outside the box and use new tools available to us to become even more responsive.

Tania Seary
Founding Chairman

Impatience is expected today, especially as it relates to the movement of goods. We’re expected to have a firm grasp on supply chains, adapt quickly to changing needs/policies, and overcome unexpected obstacles.

Robert Smith
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Supply chain impatience is finally getting in hand. Global competition requires that U.S. companies use cash efficiently. For example, we can’t have money earmarked for research and development tied up in inventories sitting in an inefficient supply chain.

Larry Hall
Principal and Founder
Logistics Planning Services (LPS)

Yes, but there’s no changing that fact. Consumers are the new bosses. They demand a consistent shopping experience and traceability. Embrace supply chain visibility, or the new boss will fire you.

Darren Palfrey
COO, Gravity Supply Chain

Is it out of hand or simply pushing supply chain executives to become more inventive with how we manage and deliver goods? For e-commerce logistics leaders, this means more communication, precision forecasts, and innovative logistics models that get products to our customers faster.

Hari Pillai
CEO, Speed Commerce

Customers are increasingly demanding same-day or next-day delivery. This demand has simply become the new standard in supply chain service. The industry must adapt to improve real-time communication to effectively manage the increased speed in the process.

Kerwin Everson
Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions
RMG Networks

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