What Fictional Character Would Make a Great Logistician?

What Fictional Character Would Make a Great Logistician?


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Professor X, the leader of the X-Men, would be a great supply chain leader. He is the brains behind a successful organization. He is a strategic thinker and influencer. The professor and his team make use of technology that enables them to achieve their goals.

Marcia Connors
Operational Excellence
Project Specialist, Penske



R2-D2 [from Star Wars] gathers, analyzes, and executes the galaxy’s logistics data more effectively than any human, Jedi, or 3PL. R2 saves time and money so Master Skywalker can save the universe instead of shipping lightsabers.


Augie Grasis
Founder and CEO, ShipX


Francis Underwood from House of Cards. Always thinking 10 steps ahead, adaptable and agile, concise and to the point—a no-nonsense logistician.


Nick Foy
Director of Operations, ModusLink



Mickey Mouse. He started out as a steamboat captain, but the company his image started now employs 180,000 people. Mickey moves and entertains millions of people in theme parks worldwide as well as doing billions of dollars in media distribution.


Robert Gordon
Program Director, Reverse Logistics Management, American Public University



Jack Bauer [from TV show 24]. Logisticians have to think about the big picture, but then plot out step by step how to get there. You often don’t see how what happens at 1 a.m. is connected to what will happen at 10 p.m., but you better believe that they are. Jack is able to take decisive action with little time to contemplate, but he does so with (generally) full comprehension of the longer-term implications.


David Landau
Executive Vice President, Cloud Logistics


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Darth Vader. As well as excellent interplanetary logistics, he can use The Force to handle demurrage issues.

Superman. He can fly, scan through stuff with X-ray vision, is fast and strong, and can lift a great deal of weight. Not to mention his space traveling ability. This makes him a frontier logistician.

Any James Bond villain. An evil mastermind scheme requires much planning and thorough sifting through all possible contingencies.

Santa Claus. He delivers everything on time—no damages and customer satisfaction.

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