What’s the most fun or interesting part about working in the supply chain?

What’s the most fun or interesting part about working in the supply chain?

Knowing I work in an industry that touches every aspect of everyone’s life. I like knowing that if we do our job well and someone goes to the shelf for something they need—the shelf is full.

Andrew Teal, Quality Analyst, Schneider

The job changes every day. Always new challenges or fires to put out.

PJ Moffett
Global Logistics Manager
Blu Electronic Cigarettes

The most interesting part is helping solve our customers’ last mile pain points. Our team gets excited about tackling complex problems and providing optimal solutions that accelerate revenue growth.

Daniel W. Lawrence
Chief Financial Officer

Always having to think on your feet. I love it.

Steve Rhynas
Logistics Planner
Glory Global Solutions

As a freight broker you are always only as good as your last load—so I love that I need to go through each day knowing today is the most important day in my career. I wish everyone had the good fortune to have that kind of fire under his/her butt every day, and I have gratitude for each new chance to prove myself.

Greg McInnes
RTL National Account Sales

You never know how the day is going to be.

Javier Campos
Replenishment Analyst
Walmart Chile

Supply chains are living ecosystems made up of the micro-ecosystems of businesses that exist and define the health of the larger whole. What is interesting is drilling down into one small section of a supply chain and seeing how one change, a real-time system or even a commitment to transparency, can utterly transform a company.

Tom Linton
Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer

There is always something new to learn.

Olivia Martinez
International Logistics Specialist
Orchard Supply Hardware

Definitely taking a step back from the process and realizing just how large the supply chain is and how many branches it has. It’s such a collaborative field and you meet so many incredible people along the way.

Zachary Golden
Worldwide Transportation
Data Analytics Co-Op
Johnson & Johnson

The most interesting part is by far the people you meet. It’s a fast-paced, critical-thinking, deadline-driven industry that can be fun and stressful. That’s part of the draw of working in supply chain. However, my personal favorite is meeting the great people of the United States who hold up our economy. Everyone has a different story.

Matt Carson
Logistics Manager
Atlanta Recycling Solutions

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