GOOD QUESTION | What’s the most important question you should ask a potential 3PL partner?

GOOD QUESTION | What’s the most important question you should ask a potential 3PL partner?

Will your pricing and service change after the first few transactions?

Erik Boe
Warehouse Manager
DC Group

What do you do when the trucking company loses some of the customer’s freight? I found out the hard way that for at least one company I don’t use anymore, the answer is nothing.

Kirby Mohr
Mohr Separations Research

How will the recent disruptions to the retail industry—Amazon buying Whole Foods and Walmart buying Bonobos—affect the supply chain?

Sander Eth
SVP Supply Chain

I would ask for a price on my five most recent freight loads (LTL) and see how competitive the 3PL is, compared with current 3PL partners.

Nick Pavel
ER Tillage

What is your company’s history? Simple, yet effective.

Aimee Charles

What philosophy guides your process when you’re implementing new programs with a customer?

Nick Hagel
Supply Chain Manager
Anadarko Petroleum

How quickly do you resolve freight claims? Also, since I deal with a few 3PLs, I am constantly comparing rates, so I then ask: Can X-carrier do better with you on pricing since it is lower on a different 3PL? It’s all about service, paying the fair rates, and no damages.

Carol-Lynn Maynard
Foster Corporation

Does your company have a capable trailer tracking system with customer orders? Does the website contain both bills of lading (from the carrier) and packing list documents (from the supplier or shipper) that can easily be downloaded for reference?

Anayet Chodury
Materials Coordinator
Serta Simmons Bedding Dallas

Do you have the right equipment, facilities, technology, and services to meet my company’s needs?

Lynn Carlisle
HR Director/Credit Manager
Xtra Lite Lighting, LLC

Can you describe your company’s cross-functional collaboration with regards to servicing our account after we have signed with you?

Ax Torres
Director of Operations
United Services

Currently, we are working with 3PL providers in Southeast Asian countries that lack the infrastructure to support many dangerous goods. My question: What commitment will you make to us to ensure the safe and reliable transport and warehousing of our goods?

Graham McFarlane
Head of Global Electronic, Special Gases
Linde Electronics

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