GOOD QUESTION | What’s the quickest way to improve return logistics?

Make sure information systems, distribution networks, and transportation capabilities work together seamlessly.

Perry Belcastro
Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Services
Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Leverage artificial intelligence to identify key drivers causing returns/claims. This can provide insights that can be used to optimize delivery, reduce volume, and provide critical information to engineering to improve products.

Tom Maher
Senior Vice President
Dell EMC, Global Services

Aim for transparency in all key touchpoints, such as return status and pricing. Give customers as much information as possible.

Eric Sabo
Head of Business Development and Partnerships

Invest in boxes designed to comply with shipping regulations without requiring extra fillers and that arrive preassembled and prelabeled.

Bill Barger
Sr. Packaging Product Manager Labelmaster

Make it simple for customers by providing packaging, shipping labels, and free shipping. Work closely with your delivery partners to understand associated costs.

Brian Broadhurst
Vice President
Transportation Solutions
Spend Management Experts

Implement a logistics system that verifies and tracks deliveries for a streamlined process.

Pete Zimmerman
North American Software
Sales Manager

Ensure the quality of the items currently in high return are reviewed. Pay attention to the common return reasons, then continue down the line for each item. Have a team member review the product description and photos to make sure they are accurate. If the product does not work as described then it should be reevaluated for continued sale.

Steven Platt
Logistics and Supply Chain Professional

Perform quality assurance checks for every product before it gets to outbound.

Shina Oladeji
Supply Chain Specialist
Transport Services Limited

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