What’s the Supply Chain Buzzword for 2018? 

Expect mistakes in the early stages, but by the end of the year I bet we have blockchain results with some serious, long-term impact.

Leif Olson
Sales Account Manager, Navegate

The wider adoption of blockchain technology across other industries indicates that it is time for us to take the leap and start reshaping our industry using better and more efficient tools.

Timothy Leonard
Executive Vice President, Technology, TMW Systems

A vote for blockchain, because supply chains across the globe will increasingly depend on technology to move freight.

Gabriel Roland
Shipping Receiving, Article One

Blockchain. Some very intelligent people are working right now on blockchain applications that will bring participants together quickly.

Jason Ickert
Vice President, Marketing and Sales, FLS Transportation Services

Optimization. As Amazon continues to stretch into new markets and begins flexing its logistics network, retailers and other organizations must continue to optimize their supply chain to keep up and compete. This goes for the distribution network, lead times, inventory, etc.

Zachary Golden

Worldwide Transportation Data Analytics Co-Op, Johnson & Johnson


Customer-defined. Customer-driven and customer-centric service no longer cut it. Customers themselves want and expect to define when and where they receive shipments. The job of meeting these rising expectations will fall to logistics, shifting the perception of the function from cost center to competitive lever.

Will Salter
President and CEO, Paragon Software Systems

Community collaboration. A global community of shippers and carriers with transparency of information, pricing, and service levels that empowers enterprises to take full advantage of revenue opportunities and build trusted-partner relationships.

Dave Lemont
CEO, Kuebix

It will likely be a rebranding of a military concept with a trendy name like 5S was—which will be a rebranding of something the government stole from Ford back in the 1930s—as has been my experience in transitioning from the military to private sector. Occasionally a gem of a new concept in logistics makes headway. An original and effective idea would be fantastic.

Michael Blaz
Construction Manager, Greystar


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