GREEN SHOOTS: How to Implement GSCM

Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) can be integrated into almost any industrial business. The key to implementing this concept is to identify areas where sustainable practices can be applied to an existing supply chain. These areas include:

Cleaner material sourcing. For retailers, this may involve partnering with companies to redesign packaging using recyclable or biodegradable materials. Companies may also choose to purchase materials from suppliers who source their materials using environmentally responsible methods.

Lower transport emissions. This can involve sourcing materials from nearby suppliers to reduce carbon emissions resulting from transportation and delivery. Some companies reduce emissions by using more efficient transportation systems and cleaner alternative fuels.

Logistics optimization. By strategically locating distribution facilities and optimizing truckloads to reduce empty trailer space, companies can lower their transit mileage and reduce their environmental footprint.

Certification. Companies can avoid engaging with suppliers that use banned products or materials by requesting certain types of certifications. For example, a manufacturing company may choose to source materials only with LEED-certified suppliers.

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