If you could speed the development of a supply chain-disrupting technology, what would it be and why?

If you could speed the development of a supply chain-disrupting technology, what would it be and why?

Heavyweight drones that move ocean containers from a port to a distribution center within 50 miles are well into development. Once integrated into air traffic control systems, this technology becomes a game changer for road congestion and cost containment.

Jerry Critchfield, Senior Director, Transportation, Weber Logistics

Take traceability to the “each” level by creating affordable product ID tags for every single manufactured product. This would provide 100-percent tracking, 100 percent of the time throughout the entire supply chain.

Harry Drajpuch
CEO, Amware Logistics

Point-and-click photo recognition software that matches up manufacturer specs and/or measures the dimension and density of anything—big or small.

Terese Kerrigan
Director, Marketing Communications, FreightCenter

Reliable RF tag technology that identifies sellable “eaches” and pack quantities to replace barcodes. This would allow a scanner at a dock door to receive one whole pallet at a time without breaking it down and scanning each carton. It would speed receiving, an error-prone process.

Tymish Halibey
Operations Manager, Home Depot

Data visibility. Having every vendor, customer, and third-party resource conform to one method would change how we make supply chain decisions.

Kevin VanBelle
Vice President, TSG Applications

Blockchain. If the internet was filled with blockchain nodes, and the ELD mandate was fully implemented, then dollars spent collecting data could shift to analyzing that data.

Michael Dieter
CTO, Transplace

Artificial intelligence. It would create new synergy and efficiencies for both the buyer and supplier side of the supply chain, while helping businesses anticipate risk.

Andrew Nichols
Head of Procurement
Tungsten Network

Telematics on commercial delivery vehicles within transportation management platforms for real-time visibility to product delivery.

John Conte, PLS, CSSBB
Operations and Logistics Manager
Holman Parts Distribution
Holman Business Services

Autonomous long-haul trucks. They would provide gains in freight transit times, safety, and fuel efficiency. Interstate-dedicated trucks are far more attainable than autonomous city delivery vehicles.

Paul D’Arrigo
Vice President, IT
Spend Management Expert

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