In Iceland, There’s No Place Like Drone

In Iceland, There’s No Place Like Drone

Consumers in Reykjavik, Iceland, will soon just have to walk out their back door to receive their packages.

Drone technology company Flytrex, in partnership with—Iceland’s largest online marketplace—launched 13 new routes for an autonomous on-demand urban drone delivery service to serve nearly half of Reykjavik.

The upgraded service also includes an advanced “InAir” wire-drop system that safely lowers packages directly to consumers’ backyards, beginning with a limited number of addresses and expanding pending approval by property owners.

Until recently, Flytrex has operated its drone system along one route, bridging by air two parts of the city separated by a large bay. Following a meticulous regulatory process with the Icelandic Transport Authority and hundreds of successful flights to pre-assigned drop-off points, the system will now be able to reach nearly half the city of Reykjavik.

The drones will operate along a total of 13 routes. Each UAV is approved to fly up to 700 meters off its path to make backyard deliveries in select, approved neighborhoods. Flytrex aims to extend home deliveries to every resident in Reykjavik in the coming months.

In addition to the new routes and delivery areas, the introduction of the wire-drop feature takes consumer convenience to even greater heights. Once consumers arrive at the drop-off point—either on their property or at a designated public location—they can order the drones to gently lower the package to the ground through an easy-to-use app. Once the package touches down, the wire detaches from the drone, which then returns to the drone port.

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