Kamps Innovates in Pallet Life-Cycle Management

Kamps Innovates in Pallet Life-Cycle Management

Growing significantly in the past four years, Kamps now has 63 asset-based locations and has added more than 30 on-site operations for total pallet management.

Millions of products move across the country on pallets; some pallets are front and center in the retail environment. Pallets truly are the backbone of the supply chain, and because of that fact, Kamps Inc. has upgraded its service offerings and realigned its operating divisions.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kamps has grown significantly in the past four years. The company has expanded from 23 asset-based locations to 63 asset-based locations and either opened or acquired more than 30 on-site operations for total pallet management (TPM), experiencing growth in all areas: employees, locations, and service offerings.

New Name Signifies the Next Phase

To reflect its expansion and the next phase of its strategy, Kamps has transitioned its business name from National Pallet Solutions to Innovative Pallet Services.

In recognition of its status as a national pallet company delivering customer-centric and innovative services across all supply chains, the company has realigned into five business units.

Depending on customer needs, customers may interact with all or some of the organizations: National Pallet Recycled, National Pallet New & Specialty, Local Pallet Services, Wood Resource Services, and On-Site (TPM) Services.

The units are structured with strategic overlap and integration, promoting synergies among them so customers can utilize multiple divisions while keeping their point of contact and customer service team consistent, resulting in a unique, comprehensive customer experience.

Strengthening Core Competencies and Adding Capabilities

Kamps has made significant advancements in automation, proprietary systems, and other continuous improvement projects to support the new divisions and product lines. The investments have strengthened core competencies while building out additional capabilities.

From complex national pallet programs to transportation and reverse logistics, Kamps has the capabilities to add value to its customers’ supply chains. With a full pallet management scope of services and the supporting infrastructure behind them, Kamps provides support for customers at every point of their pallets’ life cycle.

Bolstered with a new logo and an updated website, Kamps will continue to embody its mission statement: “To earn the trust of every customer through innovative services delivered by a team of dedicated employees, valuable suppliers, and a culture of continuous improvement.”

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