LEGACY at the Crossroads of America

As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, many logistics services providers are evolving their solutions to meet this new demand. One example is LEGACY Supply Chain, a Franklin, Indiana-based third-party logistics provider focused on e-commerce fulfillment in the United States and Canada.

LEGACY recently acquired a new facility in Indianapolis, and continues to flex to meet new customer demands created by the pandemic. Inbound Logistics met (remotely) with Mike Glodziak, president and chief executive officer, and Kyle Krug, director of marketing and communications, to discuss how the market and LEGACY’s operations are accelerating.

“We expanded to Indiana to grow our e-commerce footprint and for the location,” Glodziak says. “We piggy-backed on the state motto: ‘The Crossroads of America.’ That’s us, and that’s where we need to be.”

LEGACY’s team, service offerings, clients, and geography have evolved in the past 10 years, and it recently updated its branding to match. “We’re a mid-size player, so we have to be nimble and flexible,” Krug says. “That’s what our new branding communicates.”

In addition to new branding and a new headquarters, LEGACY acquired a 720,000-square-foot automated e-commerce facility in Indiana to serve mid-sized e-commerce companies. The facility is equipped with conveyor systems and multi-tiered racking and pick modules.

Recruiting people was key to serving customers experiencing dramatic growth during the pandemic, as well as those that pivoted to make essential products overnight.

“Because of the pandemic, supply chain has made the evening news for the past 365 days; that’s helped with recruitment,” Glodziak says. “Many millennials are joining our company because they see that opportunity. Supply chain is the block and tackle of this economy, and it’s not going away. It’s an exciting career path.”

LEGACY also introduced new protocols, including temperature screening in all buildings and new work methods to accommodate social distancing. “We haven’t at any point shut down our supply chain through the pandemic, and we’re proud of that record,” Glodziak adds.

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