Making Decisions and Adapting Warehouse Operations with WMS + MES

Q. How does adaptability in warehouse operations allow for a quick response to consumption changes?

A. In the past two years the way consumers shop has changed. We witnessed 10 years’ worth of e-commerce growth in 3 months. It also caused a drastic change in consumption patterns where some products saw a 75-85% increase in demand, while others saw a drop. This means suppliers must adapt to unexpected fluctuations in demand and still meet customers’ expectations in terms of service quality.

What this means for warehouse processes is a greater than usual need for adaptability. Processes responding to variable needs can no longer be uniform or one-size-fits-all. Agile systems capable of adapting to change quickly must be implemented. More specifically, the warehouse must be fitted with technology allowing it to instantly execute any type of process that a change in demand might suddenly require.

Q. How can visibility concerns be addressed thanks to a WMS?

A. Process visibility goes a long way towards building resiliency. SOLOCHAIN provides dashboards containing the data required and presents it through visual, intuitive, and easily interpretable charts.

Having this sort of visibility over operations allows managers to improve their decision-making speed and quality. Having predictive data allows leaders to prepare for the recurring or unexpected events taking place in a warehouse. An example is the time required to complete a certain task. Knowing the time required ahead of time means being able to plan accordingly before the alerts go off.

The dashboards essentially enable managers to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to warehouse operations.

Q. How does the desire for reshoring relate to the benefits of MES-WMS integration?

A. It used to be cost-effective to produce offshore, but recent events have put a strain on the supply chain, which in turn made reshoring seem like the most efficient option for 2/3 manufacturers. Aside from the pandemic’s stress, the will to avoid risks related to quality also motivates some to reshore.

In this context, a close relationship between manufacturing and warehouse processes is necessary. In this crisis, efficiency means survival and having MES and WMS united allows for continuity of operational processes which in turn reduces errors. Unity of the systems maximizes production efficiency by issuing the right materials to the right place at the right time.

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