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Now more than ever, healthcare supply chains are key differentiators for best-in-class manufacturers. Leading companies effectively use their supply chains as a competitive advantage to drive revenue growth and achieve cost containment goals. At the same time, logistics practitioners face a unique and growing set of challenges that directly affect the bottom line. Current pressure points converging upon the industry include:

  • Financial impact of the Affordable Care Act
  • Shrinking profit margins
  • Increased regulatory and compliance demands
  • Initiatives to reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Lack of in-house IT and systems support
  • Conflicting internal priorities among the logistics, quality and service organizations
  • Mandates to improve quality and customer satisfaction

The combination of these issues presents a formidable test to every company in the industry. How well does your organization stack up against the competition?

Ultimately, success will be measured by the number of demonstrations that turn into sales. The following five points are crucial to executing a high-performing demo program:

  1. Optimize your asset utilization. Focus must be placed on increasing on-site demo activity with less inventory. The primary components include; transit-time, depot turnaround time, and on-site demo time. By effectively using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), you will drive continuous process improvement.
  2. Reinforce quality, regulatory and compliance standards. HIPAA, Sunshine Act, Sarbanes Oxley and FDA device history records all carry regulatory implications that are critical to your supply chain objectives.
  3. Utilize a network of specialized regional facilities. The critical functions performed at these facilities include: Functional testing, product decontamination, consumable replenishment, preventative maintenance & repair scheduling.
  4. Outsource to business partners with engineering expertise. By leveraging a best-in-class service provider, you will enable process innovation to occur. Key considerations include business process re-engineering, systems integration and crate design & manufacturing.
  5. Transform your data into business intelligence. Implementing a global real-time operating system will fill cross-functional gaps within your organization—improving on-demand business planning.

Regulatory and compliance concerns are a top supply chain priority. Auditable transaction and inventory records provide the information you need, both now and in the future. When selecting a 3PL partner, it is essential that they have the level of service you need to accomplish your desired goals.

Are they ISO 13485 certified?

Both internationally and locally, ISO 13485 helps ensure improved overall performance, reduced risk and provide increased visibility. In the medical device industry, these trusted quality standards are adopted by authorities, suppliers and manufacturers around the world to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the safety and integrity of medical devices.

Do they have event management software?

For demo logistics, medical device manufacturers need a tool that facilitates the movement and communication of both products and people. Successful medical device demonstrations require a combination of consoles, accessories, specialists, engineers and sales to be at the right place at the right time. Leading medical device supply chains have the ability to simultaneously optimize their human resources, physical inventory and transportation expenses.

Most importantly, does your 3PL have a team you can trust and rely on?

In an ever-evolving industry that places so much emphasis on speed, quality and efficiency, it is imperative that you have a 3PL partner you can trust. In your quest for quality, search for a dedicated control tower to manage shipments, as well as, track & trace. Search for a team with experience in compliance and managing medical devices so you can protect your assets and build on the business you love.

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