Nestlé’s Tasty Tactics for a Greener Supply Chain

Nestlé has pledged to reduce greenhouse gases across its supply chain by 2050.

In a revitalized commitment to ecofriendly practices, Nestlé has created a goal of reaching zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To be sustainable, though, the company is going to need to make some major changes within its supply chain. 

To start, the food producer will need to begin implementing more sustainable ingredients within its products. It will also need to start incorporating plant-based offerings with greener packaging. 

Nestlé has said it also plans to start being more proactive about how it gives back to the environment by making efforts to replant trees in sparse areas and by retrofitting its factories, warehouses, and offices to utilize renewable energy sources. Finally, in the coming years, the company plans to seek greener partnerships with suppliers who have sustainable farming practices already in place. 


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