↑ Automated Compact Truck (ACT): The ACT line is ideal for heavy-duty lifting in narrow spaces. The latest offering from Rocla AGV Solutions, part of Mitsubishi Logisnext, is suitable for higher warehouses, where it works as a companion for other high-lifting vehicles and manually operated forklifts. ACT can operate between warehouse and production or inbound and outbound areas, and it fits in existing warehouse environments with minimal rack

← AGILOX OCF: The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from AGILOX can move up-to-3,306-pound loads and lift them up to 63 inches high. The AMR uses the contours of its surroundings to navigate autonomously, automatically recognizing and avoiding obstacles. When in motion, the AGILOX OCF displays a green light on the floor in front of it to visually alert people. In addition, white lights at the bottom front and top rear on the lift mast indicate changes in direction.

→ LG CLOi CarryBot: Launched at the MODEX 2024 trade show, the new LG CLOi CarryBot family of AMRs from LG Business Solutions USA can navigate complex floor plans to move and deliver payloads in customizable configurations, with loading and unloading performed by workers. With a top speed of 2.7 miles per hour, a typical runtime of 18.5 hours, and autonomous dock charging in 6 hours, the LG CLOi CarryBot can streamline product movement and reduce physical strain on workers.

← ifollow AMR: The autonomous solution from Movu Robotics can carry payloads of up to 1.2 tons. The robot is suitable for cold storage environments; the batteries are protected from icing and condensation and can last from 8 to 10 hours on a charge time of 2 hours. ifollow AMRs can move cases, pallets, trolleys, or even two roll cages at a time.

→ Palion Lift CR1: The new AMR from Seegrid can move loads of up to 4,000 pounds, making it suitable for payloads that range from empty pallets to heavy manufacturing components. With 15 feet of effective lift height, the CR1 handles high-density storage or stacks of multiple pallets and payloads. Leveraging Seegrid’s navigation technology and safety sensors, the CR1 operates throughout dynamic environments, navigating aisles and managing buffer zones.

← Straddle AGV: Straddle AGVs from Dematic are ideal for transporting materials between production areas and warehouses, repetitive pallet movements, and product transfers from end-of-line and point-to-point warehouse routes. They have support legs that straddle loads with various fork designs and a slim body that provides a tight turning radius.

Vector AMR: The autonomous mobile robot from Locus Robotics supports a variety of material moves, including case- and each-picking or putaway, parts-to-line, dunnage, and point-to-point shelf/rack moves. Vector’s omnidirectional design makes it nimble in tight spaces, while carrying up to 600 pounds on fixed shelves (pictured) or by integrating with standard detachable carts. Vector is currently working alongside other Locus AMRs and human workers at sites around the world.

Chuck AMR: With large, modular, and multi-level workspaces, Chuck is a configurable AMR available through Ocado Intelligent Automation. Used in more than 100 facilities worldwide, Chuck works collaboratively with associates to expedite daily warehouse tasks such as putaway, picking, sortation, and returns.