Retailer Reduces Transportation Spend – Unyson

Retailer Reduces Transportation Spend – Unyson

A retailer teamed up with Unyson to create an out-of-the-box solution for its growing supply chain.

The Challenge

A leading e-commerce retailer was looking for a dynamic service provider that could produce out-of-the-box results for their rapidly growing supply chain. The company sought to reduce their transportation spend, condense inbound loads to their Fulfillment Centers (FCs), and shorten overall transit for their Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight.

The Solution

After conducting a network analysis, Unyson executed a series of enhancements to the retailer’s supply chain. Initially, Unyson created a new, strategic carrier mix to service the customer. Unyson’s leverage in the industry allowed for reduced rates and increased on-time service.

Next, Unyson implemented three new crossdocks to lessen transit times for 400,000 annual shipments. With the use of a crossdock, Unyson was able to consolidate products from multiple vendors and condense the amount of inbound freight to the retailer’s FCs.

Additionally, through Oracle Transportation Manager, dashboard analytics, and a dedicated account team, Unyson increased the customer’s overall visibility to their vast network. The dedicated team produces weekly scorecards with a myriad of KPIs that are crucial to the retailer.

Moreover, Unyson manages compliance for their 7,800 vendors. This 24/7 monitoring, coupled with industry-leading technology, allows the team to be agile to ever-changing needs and requests from the organization, which include varying EDI mapping and a vigorous peak season.

The customer has already begun to recognize monthly exponential savings in their network. Due to the savings, visibility, and service enhancements, Unyson is projecting a growing partnership with the retailer well into the future.

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