SaaS-Based TMS Empowers Global Freight Management

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing shippers in today’s economic environment?

A: In today’s volatile market, managing transportation domestically and globally is a key factor for a more efficient and cohesive supply chain. Many businesses still use manual methods to manage freight, with no way to measure service or performance. Other companies are bound to installed/hosted legacy transportation management systems (TMS), which limit the flexibility and visibility necessary for end-to-end supply chain management. With limited metrics and no best practices, companies struggle to improve services and reduce transportation costs.

Additionally, as more companies expand overseas and offshore, multi-country compliance is quickly becoming a challenging factor of transportation management.

Q: How can today’s shippers effectively manage domestic and global freight?

A: To support global initiatives, shippers should consider leveraging a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) TMS with domestic and global functionality. True global logistics technology enables companies to successfully manage all modes of transportation—domestic and global—under a common umbrella while providing complete visibility and direct collaboration between shippers and carriers.

By leveraging a global TMS, shippers are empowered with a comprehensive solution for managing domestic and cross-border freight that directly impacts the bottom line. Automated communications, processes, and workflow between supply chain partners allow companies to improve efficiencies while gaining visibility into freight payment and discrepancies before they impact the company’s finances.

Global transportation technology bridges the gap for multi-divisional enterprises, enabling domestic and global logistics management in a centralized system that delivers significant value for shippers and carriers.

Q: How can companies looking to expand internationally leverage a TMS?

A: A TMS with both domestic and global functionality provides scalability for those companies that are currently handling domestic freight while looking to expand into international territories, or even those companies that are currently managing international freight outside of their domestic processes but need one flexible platform for domestic and global transportation.

Furthermore, with a true SaaS TMS solution, companies have visibility to true total landed costs and lead-times to make better sourcing decisions while monitoring and managing supplier performance all over the globe.

A true SaaS solution for stransportation management enables companies to reduce overall transportation spend; gain visibility into domestic and global transportation processes; improve collaboration between all global partners of the supply chain; and scale and quickly adapt technology based on domestic and global needs.

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