Serving Up Sustainability

Serving Up Sustainability

PepsiCo and General Mills plan to reduce their carbon footprint during the next 10 years, following similar initiatives by food manufacturing giants such as Kellogg’s and Smithfield Foods.

New York-based PepsiCo, which owns Frito-Lay, Tropicana, and Quaker Oats, aims to use 100% renewable electricity across all its company-controlled operations by 2030 and across its franchise and third-party operations by 2040. The move could reduce 2.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, or the equivalent of removing more than half a million cars from the road for one year.

Minnesota-based General Mills, which owns Cheerios, Yoplait, and Pillsbury, plans to slash its total greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in the next decade. This is part of its long-term goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. General Mills’ 10-year pledge includes the following initiatives:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission by 30% across its full value chain.
  • Advance regenerative agriculture across its sourcing footprint on 1 million acres.
  • Reduce food loss and waste by 50%.
  • Advance respect for human rights in its value chain.

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