Solved: A Consolidated Fulfillment Solution With Global Visibility – SEKO

Solved: A Consolidated Fulfillment Solution With Global Visibility – SEKO

Sphere 3D turned to SEKO for global visibility and reduced logistics and warehousing costs.

The Challenge

Sphere 3D’s rapid expansion drove them to a position in which they sought out a logistics partner that offered a consolidated Global service to replace their two company-owned warehousing facilities located in the US and Germany, and a current fulfillment provider in Hong Kong. This partner needed to offer a single solution that would save money and have the ability to cover the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. Sphere 3D deemed it essential that this new solution could provide global visibility of computer data storage libraries, drives and media inventory as well as customer shipments around the world.

The Solution

SEKO’s global reach, commitment, pricing and technology gave Sphere 3D the consolidation and visibility they needed. The SEKO solution provides logistics support for the shipment of finished goods from manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, China and Germany to SEKO multi-user warehouses in California and Amsterdam. This distribution model helps Sphere 3D to manage spikes in monthly and quarterly activity. SEKO’s technology (MySEKO and SEKO WMS portals) enables detailed tracking of inbound and outbound shipments.

A nimble and flexible partner with vital knowledge in multiple markets, SEKO provides fiscal representation in Europe and customs brokerage in all regions to analyze duties and taxes in emerging Global markets. The SEKO solution has reduced Sphere 3D’s logistics and warehousing costs and given them an accurate validation of product movement and the associated revenue recognition—which is vital for a public company.


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