How Leadership Training Can Improve Company Culture – MD Logistics

How Leadership Training Can Improve Company Culture – MD Logistics

Use this advice to implement a leadership training and development program that can pay long term dividends.

The Challenge

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers, like most companies, are focused on results. However, all reputable 3PL providers understand that investing in training its warehouse operations’ employees is a necessary cost of doing business. Certifications for employees driving fork trucks, using RF guns, and operating pick to light systems are mandatory to ensure the safety of employees and that the job is completed correctly.

Some 3PL providers resist making any further training investments specifically at the leadership level, failing to realize the positive impact on long-term business results.

The Solution

MD Logistics believes in making investments in the training and development of company leaders and has implemented a leadership program that exhibits the following high performance characteristics. The return on their investment shows through the organization’s positive culture and business results.

Treat People like People. Leaders are encouraged to get to know their employees as individuals, a personal investment that will pay long-term dividends.

Engage People of All Levels in Conversation. A winning culture exists when people of all levels are encouraged to have face-to-face conversations. Communication is the biggest obstacle to developing leaders today and technology is exacerbating the problem.

Create a Shared Piece of Community. Leaders are encouraged to create a sense of community within their teams; one where team members contribute to the same goal and feel connected, rewarded and fulfilled once it is obtained.

Leadership Training and Development Doesn’t End at Onboarding: At MD Logistics, the training team chooses a leadership topic every month and dedicates an hour and a half to training team leads, supervisors, managers, and directors. The team focuses on topics that are of equal importance personally and professionally.

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