Supply Chains Get Smart

MIT and JDA Software will team up to advance research on intelligent supply chains, including machine learning, optimization, and consumer behavior modeling. The collaboration leverages both parties’ business domain expertise and customer base.

Professor David Simchi-Levi of the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society has been tapped to lead the multi-year collaboration.

The MIT and JDA research teams will create real-world use cases to expand predictive demand, intelligent execution, and smart supply chain and retail planning that will yield a unique business strategy. These use cases will explore new data science algorithms that combine natural language processing, predictive behavior, and prescriptive optimization by taking into account past behaviors, and predicting and changing future behaviors.

"It is more critical than ever to infuse innovation into every aspect of the supply chain, as edge technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are essential to digitally transforming supply chains," says Desikan Madhavanur, executive vice president and chief development officer at JDA.

"This collaboration allows us to tap into the extraordinary mindshare at MIT to accelerate the research into more intelligent and cognitive capabilities moving forward," he adds.

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