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An e-commerce epiphany is speeding through the global supply chain from the shipping dock to the boardroom. Consumers have seized control of logistics spending, and "supply chain as we’ve known it" is not coming back. According to the 28th Annual CSCMP State of Logistics Report, "Accelerating into Uncertainty," for the first time, parcel and express delivery volume has surpassed railroads as the second-largest logistics sector behind motor freight. Energy prices are no longer the number one factor in logistics costs. Consumers are the driving force. While logistics costs dipped in 2016, spending on small package delivery jumped double digits.

As consumers, B2C and B2B players flock to the convenience of online buying and selling, the magnitude of change and complexity fueled by e-commerce is amplified by advanced digital technology, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Seeing this moment in history prompts a sudden leap of understanding. North American companies must reinvent a faster, smarter, more resilient and efficient breed of multi-modal supply chain to sustain business in an e-commerce civilization. To evolve, forward-thinking shippers are turning to an Enterprise Logistics partner to Sweep the Dock.

Sweep the Dock is a best practice for evaluating, integrating and optimizing channels and modes such as Parcel, Less-than-Truckload and Truckload shipping to continuously deliver next generation supply chain agility at the same velocity that is driving e-commerce and the digital revolution. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors from mid-cap to Fortune 100 companies discover powerful synergies:

  • Achieve exponential insight with advanced multi-modal analytics
  • Execute with robust multi-modal platforms, automation, technology
  • Re-engineer networks with unparalleled all mode visibility, modeling, simulation
  • Strategize, hone KPIs with insider advisory possessing deep domain expertise in Parcel, LTL, TL
  • Deliver clear data streams with rigorous compliance, service and invoice audits, all modes
  • Accelerate connectivity speed to customers and suppliers for faster delivery
  • Leverage immediacy with on-demand, web-based, mobile BI portals

To Sweep the Dock is to operate within an integrated ecoscape where shippers leverage class-leading, rapidly deployable technologies to obtain port-to-door line of sight and multi-modal optimization. That insight drives continuous high velocity transformational change. Sweep the Dock starts with veteran supply chain engineers who do the following:

  • Conduct a supply chain forensics evaluation with multi-modal diagnostics
  • Align business needs with supply chain strategy to accelerate growth
  • Simulate and map small package, LTL and TL solutions for speed, flexibility, efficiency
  • Provide insight to cost drivers, risk through independent validation and verification
  • Identify cost-reduction and savings opportunities by aligning to carrier networks
  • Re-engineer processes, reconfigure routes
  • Consider regional DCs closer to customer

The cascading impact of e-commerce coupled with rapid, market changes has shifted focus for many shippers from cost-per-mile to sustainability, change management and multi-modal expertise to reduce overall supply chain cost. Consultative services add value as executives ask:

  • What does good omni-channel shipping look like?
  • Is this optimal last-mile delivery?
  • What is best practice to enhance fulfillment capabilities and grow into new markets?
  • Can LEAN help fund same-day delivery, free shipping and returns?
  • What are considerations regarding zone skipping, cadence analysis, DC footprint reduction, small package to hundredweight (CWT) conversion?

With a new era of multi-modal insight and a digital supply chain poised to operationally pivot, companies can leverage an Enterprise Logistics partnership to co-innovate predictive, strategic solutions. Shippers keep an e-commerce edge, while managing disruptions and delivering profitable, five-star customer service. By tapping collective, multi-modal intellectual capital of leading industry pioneers, shippers can transform the supply chain with a sweep of the dock.

Todd Benge is VP of Parcel Operations at Transportation Insight, an Enterprise Logistics Provider and U.S. SmartWay® Excellence Awardee. With 30 years experience developing parcel programs, Benge and his team of engineers provide the most extensive multi-modal, e-commerce expertise in the global 3PL marketplace. Visit www.transportationinsight.com, email [email protected] or call 828-485-5000.

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