Moe Glenner

How to Succeed With a Supply Chain Technological Rollout

The late great Yogi Berra famously said, “If you don’t know where you are going, then you’ll wind up someplace else.” Nowhere is this truer than when considering, procuring, and implementing new logistics/supply chain technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s optimization technology, a TMS, a WMS, or any combination. If you (the organization and all […]

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Cyrus Hadavi PhD

Self-Improving Supply Chains Have Arrived

Imagine a world where supply chain planning systems can mold themselves into their environment, adapt, and improve as the business changes. Imagine systems that can monitor user behavior as well as customer and supplier anomalies, and advise accordingly. These are self-repairing supply chains. Imagine no more. With advances in processor speed and abundance of memory, […]

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Using Social Media to Empower Your Supply Chain

Social media benefits supply chain management in many ways. Through their social channels, companies enhance communication with customers, generate demand, reduce operating costs, mitigate risk, increase productivity, and gain marketplace intelligence. Companies that aren’t active on social media are at a disadvantage because most of their customers, suppliers, and competitors are. Ready to leverage social […]

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John Bermudez

Supply Chain Execs Shift Focus From Sustenance to Survival

While we usually reserve 1990’s nostalgia for fashion, film, and music, a glimpse back at the technology landscape is just as jarring. Many remember a time before the internet was a necessity, but what about the pre-SCM age? For today’s large manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, supply chain management (SCM) has become such an indispensable area […]

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Ken Harris

Who Are You Doing Business With?

In our ever-connected and increasingly global economy, aggregated, real-time global trade data—such as denied party screening results—helps businesses ensure protection and compliance. Denied party screening is critical in shipping and international trade, and essential for minimizing business risk today. Country governments and international organizations maintain lists of people, organizations, and countries they are prohibited from […]

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Peter L. Coratola Jr.

The Potential of Change

With schools across the country rapidly increasing the use of technology in the classroom, recent graduates entering the logistics workforce expect similar atmospheres. Without even realizing it, these individuals have trained themselves in a variety of ways to further their career. They are comfortable spending hours a day behind the computer, checking their emails religiously, […]

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