Think Outside the Border

Companies of all sizes are benefitting from international trade, and those that don’t are getting left behind. Whether your company is small, mid-sized or a global multi-national, there is a way for you to get in the global trade game.

Global Solutions For Global Companies

For large North American companies operating in multi-national markets, moving products around the globe is a complicated endeavor. It requires staying current in the ever-changing world of trade compliance, enhancing visibility up and down the supply chain, making the right sourcing decisions, leveraging free trade agreements, minimizing duty costs, preventing delays, and staying compliant.

Livingston International can handle all this and more through our comprehensive Global Trade Management program. With operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, we can strengthen the links in your supply chain, from procurement to payment. We provide end-to-end processing services, including import and export operations management, classification, duty management, broker management, licensing, and border logistics management.

Individual Solutions For Small And Mid-Sized Enterprises

Livingston conducted a survey earlier this year with import-export professionals at 500 small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the United States. More than 60 percent say they are concerned that their organizations lack knowledge about clearing goods for international trade.

But SMEs that don’t feel equipped to explore international markets needn’t miss out on significant global opportunities. Companies can protect their investments by aligning with a partner like Livingston International.

For SMEs that want to take advantage of the considerable opportunities in international trade, we also offer individual solutions from our Global Trade Management portfolio, including the following:

Duty Management Solutions. With Livingston’s expertise in managing free trade agreements and other duty saving programs, you benefit from consistently reduced duty rates, lower internal operating costs, and best-in-class trade compliance.

Global Product Management. When you partner with Livingston to manage and maintain your global product database and classification process, you get world-class services backed up by ISO-certified processes, experienced staff, and a complete audit trail.

U.S.-Mexico Border Management. Let Livingston coordinate all the third-party vendors you need for warehousing, drayage, Mexican and U.S. customs brokerage, and freight forwarding.

Export Operations. Livingston oversees your daily export processes, ensures you’re compliant with foreign regulations, and helps you avoid the huge costs of non-compliance. We become an integral part of your team, managing all export documentation and restricted party screening needs.

Success Stories

A global automotive supplier sought to leverage its working capital while remaining compliant with evolving government regulations. More than $100 million in annual duty payments were avoided. The company achieved an average at-time-of-entry NAFTA efficiency of 95 percent or greater, generating cash flow savings and significantly reducing the collection of documentation after border crossings.

A telecommunications supplier looked for efficiencies in managing a complex supply chain as part of a large-scale corporate reorganization. Centralized data management led to better control of cross-border trade, drove efficiencies and improved the use of working capital, giving the company a 75 percent reduction in storage, document turnover and brokerage fees. As a result of supply chain efficiencies, 99 percent of exports were screened within four hours, and 98 percent of imports were cleared for same-day entry.

A retailer operating nearly 8,500 sites in 15 countries wanted to improve documentation of its production costs and manufacturing records. Enhanced documentation avoided $40 million in annual duty fees, minimized product cost fluctuation, and validated the company’s eligibility for duty-minimization programs.

Whatever your international trade management challenges, look to Livingston International for your solutions—outside the border and beyond. Visit our website at, connect with us on LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter @livingston_intl.

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