Track and Trace Is Old News – Crane Worldwide Logistics

Track and Trace Is Old News – Crane Worldwide Logistics

When an industrial manufacturer needed to optimize staffing levels for incoming shipments, they turned to Crane Worldwide Logistics for a solution.

The Challenge

A leading industrial manufacturer with multiple warehouses across the globe needed to know when shipments were being delivered so they could adequately staff warehouses to meet volume demands. This challenge included:

  • Lack of visibility on what was coming into their warehouse on a given day.
  • Weekend shipments coming in without scheduled staff.
  • Staffing levels not optimized to meet the fluctuating demand.

The Solution

The client was using Crane Worldwide Logistics® predictive analytics software C-View to manage their logistics data. While the version of this software at the time did not provide this type of information to the client we knew all of the data was available. Priding ourselves on using technology and data to solve problems, our technology team quickly realized the solution could be delivered in a format similar to a weather forecast. In other words, we presented a five-day delivery forecast. We used the visual language of a weather forecast to further strengthen the concept and make it intuitive for anyone using C-View. We then reverse engineered our way back to the raw data from the client. Voila!

Results included:

  • They were immediately able to optimize staffing levels for incoming shipments.
  • The ability to forecast arrivals several days in advance.
  • The client was happy with the elegance of the solution, and even more so with the speed at which we moved.
  • The solution was architected in a way that all clients on our C-view could use.

At Crane Worldwide Logistics® we believe that technology is absolutely critical, but what is equally as important is collaboration with our clients. We use technology to solve client problems, elegantly and quickly.It’s the name of the game.

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