Transloading: The Answer to Consistency in the Global Supply Chain

Transloading: The Answer to Consistency in the Global Supply Chain

Transloading can boost productivity and keep the supply chain moving. Engaging a partner like Taylored Services that fully understands this process is a necessity in today’s global market.

Globalization has forced logistics companies to look closer than ever into the efficiency of their operations, and transloading has become a state-of-the-art solution for increasing productivity and keeping the supply chain moving.

Transloading is the process of utilizing more than one mode of transportation as goods move through the supply chain. This means a logistics manager must plan out a route that gets the goods to their destination as quickly as possible, while managing available considerations such as available portage, taxes or tariffs, and overall cost. At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to move goods in this manner, but as the global market has grown, transloading has become the standard in supply chain logistics.

Almost every shipment domestically will involve a truck to unload goods at their final destination, but the route those goods take beforehand could be in the air, over the water, or by rail. Having a 3PL company that truly understands and manages each and every step of this process is key to the timely delivery of organic fruits and vegetables, dry goods, or any type of goods that are in high consumer demand.

As e-commerce emerges as the consumer’s first choice for ordering goods, the need for transloading has become even more apparent. With the consumer having the ability to order almost anything directly to their front doorstep, logistics managers are faced with the fact that one mode of transportation simply is not a viable option to every destination. Transloading gives the supplier the ability to put their products into the hands of consumers in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Engaging a partner like Taylored Services, that fully understands this process, has the knowledge and experience in national transportation, dedicated trucking, drayage, brokerage, and intermodal is a necessity in today’s global market. In addition to Taylored Services representing the gold standard in logistics management by offering high-quality, efficient solutions combined with massive volume discounts through their small parcel carrier partners, Taylored Services has recently expanded their award-winning operations with a new state-of-the-art 100,000-square-foot facility in Edison, NJ.

Fast-Paced Growth

This recent update for the northeastern region is part of the company’s national expansion plan for the company’s fast-paced growth initiatives. Taylored consists of 18 total buildings across multiple, major U.S. ports and will now boast a footprint of over 4M sq ft. The company previously operated between Carteret, NJ, and Edison, NJ. The strategic choice of moving the offices adjacent to the already existing Edison 1 location will allow Taylored efficient communication and better management of client support between the two buildings.

Taylored has also just established its best-in class, tier 1 fulfillment operations in Savannah, GA. Over the past 10 years, Savannah has become one of the fastest growing major ports in the United States, making it a clear choice for distributors to include this into their location profile. As of 2021, the port was the fourth busiest seaport in the United States which made it a clear choice for the company’s next location. This facility will bring an abundance of state-of-the-art technologies and fulfillment capabilities to the East Coast—providing an excess of 300,000 sq ft of space where it will facilitate transloading, crossdocking, and wholesale and retail distribution services. The company will pioneer a world-class, Koerber cloud-based warehouse management system at this location that will include advanced automation through Locus Robotics.

“This is an exciting time for our company’s distribution expansion,” VP of Distribution and Fulfillment Mike Letzter said. “It will allow us to provide our clients with speed-to-market services on the East Coast and broaden the company’s national footprint for a tremendous competitive advantage in the industry.”

Taylored Services’ experience has given them valuable insight into store-bound freight optimization, allowing them to maximize each outbound shipment. They show your suppliers the best practices for preparing trucks and manage one of the largest cross-docks nationwide and move inventory quickly and efficiently through the supply chain.

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