Trucking Transformation

Trucking Transformation

Truckers have transformed the previously laborious process of delivering a package with innovations such as capacity-as-a-service and automated driver assist. Now, 64% of truck executives responding to an IBM survey say their future success depends on digitally reinventing themselves. This is what trucking will look like in 2030, the report says:

  • $99.2 billion. The truck-as-a-service market will exceed this number.
  • 1 billion. Lines of code needed for a fully autonomous vehicle.
  • 100 trillion. The universe of sensors will reach this number.

  • 80% of commercial vehicles will be connected.
  • 15 connected devices. Number of devices every person will own.
  • 70% GROWTH in global freight volumes.
  • 21.4% to 14.2 billion tons. Growth of truck freight tonnage in the United States between 2019 and 2030.
  • $465 billion of annual revenue will likely shift from sales to services by 2030.
  • $118 billion will likely be spent to continuously re-skill employees by 2030.
  • 48% of executives say personalized customer experiences, enabled by technology, will be an important competitive differentiation.
  • Driver safety. Vehicle features that promote driver safety will continue to be a top priority.

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