Walmart Moo-ves Its Supply Chain in a New Direction

Walmart is bringing home the beef.

Buyers have made it clear they want more transparency about what goes into their food, and Walmart is listening. To meet those demands, the company is rethinking its Angus beef supply chain. 

Walmart used to rely on major meat processors, such as Tyson Foods and Cargill, for its Angus supply. Now, the enterprise is taking a different approach to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction. 

Instead, the company plans to use a single source for all its Angus beef. Rancher Bob McClaren of Prime Pursuits and 44 Farms will provide hormone-free supplies to roughly 500 Walmart locations. 

Using a single retailer provides greater insight and visibility into the production process, allowing Walmart to satisfy the needs of health-conscious consumers and improve its reputation as a modern and aware brand. Since announcing its plans, Walmart shares have increased by 0.4%. 

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