WMS Guide 2022

WMS Guide 2022

This short list of leading WMS solutions can help your enterprise react agilely and quickly to meet today’s new customer demands.

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El Segundo, CA | 3plcentral.com | 888-375-2368

3PL Warehouse Manager

Cloud-based WMS solutions to help 3PLs focus on customer satisfaction, operate more efficiently, and grow faster. As the backbone of a company’s operations, the WMS manages inventory, automates routine tasks, and delivers complete visibility.

Argos Software

Fresno, CA | argosoftware.com | 559-227-1000

Abecas Insight

Fully integrated WMS and accounting system with EDI connectivity to all major ERPs, virtual access, multi-level scanning, first in/first out, and lot/sub-lot traceability.

ASC Software

Dayton, OH | ascsoftware.com | 937-429-1428


Manages the use of warehouse resources, space, and equipment. Flexible configurability provides total control of warehouse distribution—from receiving, putaway, and replenishment to physical/cycle counts, customer and order picking, shipping, and productivity management. Scalable for any size business or complexity level. Extensive lot and serial track-and-trace, including full product recall processes.


Austin, TX | autoscheduler.ai | 615-428-2035


Sits on top of a WMS to provide warehouse resource optimization. The WMS accelerator dynamically rebalances activities across the warehouse environment, considering time, labor, and space constraints. It orchestrates and optimizes activities to drive greater degrees of labor utilization, fulfillment, work allocation, and inventory management.

Blue Yonder

Scottsdale, AZ | BlueYonder.com | 833-532-4764

Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System

Empowers companies to drive change with real-time transaction processing, optimized storage and selection strategies, optimal warehouse execution and tasking, and integrated labor and workforce management. All delivered on a modern user interface that leverages the power of the digital platform to extend capabilities to enable specific use cases.

Cadre Technologies

Denver, CO | cadretech.com | 866-252-2373

Cadence WMS

Integrates high-volume warehouse operations for 3PLs, 4PLs, and distribution companies. Based on real-time, mobile RF processes, with strong capabilities to track lots, dates, and serial numbers. Native Microsoft SQL-based system for easy reporting and integrations.

Camelot 3PL Software

Charlotte, NC | 3plsoftware.com | 704-554-1670

Excalibur WMS

Developed exclusively for third-party logistics warehouses and fulfillment operations. Built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, the software provides a comprehensive system to receive, store, and ship inventory in a multi-client operation with a highly customizable solution.


Vancouver, BC | cartoncloud.com | 235-326-4665


Easy to use, intuitive cloud-based software that simplifies workflows, automates data entry, and helps grow business. Barcode scanning, software integrations, automated invoicing, and more. Empowers teams with a desktop and mobile app, and provides users with online portal access.


Frederick, MD | coreims.com | 301-695-2673


Cost-effective system that provides flexibility to support warehouse operations. Designed to address a comprehensive set of warehouse needs efficiently and effectively, including managing multiple warehouses. Can be installed on-premise or provided as a Software-as-a-Service solution. Integrates with Sage and QB.

Datex International

Clearwater, FL datexcorp.com | 727-571-4159

Datex FootPrint WMS

Workflow-driven, highly flexible WMS can be configured to fit a business’ needs without costly changes to source code. Scales up or down seamlessly. Low code/no code. Serves 3PLs, fulfillment, cold storage, food/beverage, pharma/healthcare and any kind of inventory. Optional EDI, validation, and other services available.


Alpharetta, GA | deposco.com | 877-807-1572

Bright Warehouse

Enterprise-grade benefits include company-wide visibility, extensive flexibility, and real-time data generation, regardless of existing size and infrastructure. Empowers teams to pick, pack, and ship orders quickly and accurately using optimized processes.


Houston, TX | smartturn.com | 281-218-4892


On-demand, Microsoft-certified WMS manages purchasing, receiving and putaway, inventory control, order fulfillment, and shipping across a range of industries including food service, healthcare, e-commerce, and 3PL/contract logistics.


Westminster, CO | evssw.com | 303-494-1765

mobe3 WMS

Easy-to-use system allows warehouse employees to onboard—and become more productive—quickly. Flexible and configurable, and fully integrates with ERP as well as other warehouse technologies.


Cincinnati, OH | fascor.com | 888-8-FASCOR


ERP-agnostic and designed to control operational costs, improve inventory control, reduce labor requirements, and maximize accuracy. Enhances productivity, optimizes resource scheduling, and empowers users to deliver better customer service.


Los Angeles, CA | flow.space | 323-741-1325

Flowspace WMS

Cloud-based warehouse management and order fulfillment platform that enables order status tracking, inventory management, shipping, and item labeling. Enables administrators to print shipping labels, create flexible parcel billing accounts, generate reports, and manage user and merchant accounts.

Foxfire Software

Greenville, SC | foxfiresoftware.com | 864-630-3238

Foxfire Software

Provides configurable solutions to Tier 2 warehouses across the United States. Foxfire works through the ScanSource distribution network to provide turnkey solutions. Can be configured and/or customized to fit any warehouse.


Fountain Valley, CA | freightgate.net | 714-799-2833

Freightgate Logistics Cloud

Collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network with adaptive easy-to-deploy modules for warehouse/distribution centers. Optimize end-to-end transportation management processes including procurement, rate management, optimization, execution, and visibility.

Generix Group North America

Montreal, Quebec | generixgroup.com | 855-938-4562


Highly flexible and adaptive system built for companies that need supply chains to be nimble, efficient, and scaling, while ensuring execution excellence, compliance, and operational stability. Highly configurable in terms of information layout, mobile workflow processes, reporting and optimization rules.

HAL Systems

Greensboro, NC | halsystems.com | 404-845-6199

HAL Traxx

Single-instance application hosted in the cloud and typically provided as Software-as-a-Service. Configurable software (think software Legos) that is set up for a particular company’s specific functionality requirements.

Highway 905

Hillsborough, NJ | highway905.com | 908-874-4867

Highway 905® Warehouse Management System

Cloud-based system focused on driving cost reductions with optimized processes while ensuring end-to-end and accurate warehouse visibility. The flexibility to choose features and generate customized reports ensures a custom-fit solution for your exact business needs.


New York, NY | infor.com | 866-244-5479

Infor® WMS

Combines warehouse fulfillment with embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to provide visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people. Out of the box functionality accelerates implementation. 3D visual warehouse provides insight into bottlenecks and assets.


Interlink Technologies

Perrysburg, OH | thinkinterlink.com | 800-655-5465


Sophisticated software and technology to manage all warehousing activities in virtually any industry in real-time. Decreases ship cycles, reduces inventory needs and provides labor efficiency. Built-in features allow for growth and flexibility as a business grows and changes.



Hamburg, DE | koerber.com | 800-328-3271


Offers a range of WMS solutions that can be applied to small and mid-sized warehouses with manual and forklift-based processes, as well as with radio frequency and voice-directed operations, all the way up to large, highly automated distribution centers.


Rosemont, IL | e-logimax.com | 855-253-8855

Logimax WMS

A browser-based system that contains everything a warehouse needs to improve efficiency right out of the box. Software modules enable integration with current systems and shopping carts, kitting, assemble to order, yard and transportation management, terminal cross docking and more.


Teaneck, NJ | made4net.com | 201-645-4345


Enables customers to pivot quickly, affordably, and seamlessly, with maximum user configurability, and minimal need for professional services. Covers running a simple warehouse or a highly complex operation with vast automation, materials handling equipment and robotics integrations.


Miami, FL | magaya.com | 786-845-9150

Magaya Supply Chain

An all-in-one logistics and freight management solution with a built-in WMS. Improves warehouse productivity, accuracy, and profitability with configurable optimization workflows.

Manhattan Associates

Atlanta, GA | manh.com | 877-596-9208

Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management

Uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize operations, speeding the flow of goods and information to enable flawless execution across stock, labor and space. Modern mobile applications help users efficiently manage omnichannel fulfillment by converging capabilities commonly found in disparate labor management and slotting optimization systems.


MacGregor Partners

Raleigh, NC | macgregorpartners.com | 414-888-4188

M.Tag On-Demand WMS

Designed specifically for inventory and order management at bulk and lower-volume facilities, M.Tag On-Demand WMS delivers the location-level info needed to run an operation and sync with ERPs and other systems. The lightweight solution is ideal for when there’s not time, budget, or need for larger, more rigid solutions.


Atlanta, GA | mantis.group | 678-784-4015

Logistics Vision Suite

At the heart of the Logistics Vision Suite is Warehouse Vision, a WMS that manages all activities of single and multi-site, private and public distribution centers. The system improves productivity and efficiency of available resources such as labor, racking, forklifts, and material handling systems.

MHS (Material Handling Systems, Inc.)

Louisville, KY | mhsglobal.com | 502-636-0690

MHS Helix

Template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functions work together in customized configurations according to each facility’s unique requirements. Works seamlessly and securely across enterprise systems and machine-level controllers alike, with a variety of features that get information to key stakeholders and keep operations moving.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology

Danbury, CT | odysseylogistics.com | 855-875-0681

Odyssey WMS

Delivers 24/7 online access to data, reporting, and all aspects of lot control. Full suite of EDI connectivity to all major ERPs as well as custom interfaces to proprietary systems. Real-time and historical inventory movement review.

PathGuide Technologies

Bothell, WA | pathguide.com | 888-627-9797

Latitude WMS

Gives distributors complete control over inventory and increases the speed and efficiency of warehouse/DC operations, from receiving and order picking to manifesting and truck route/stop management. Improves picking accuracy so shipments are done right the first time.


Somerset, NJ | qssi-wms.com | 732-805-0400


Efficiencies and adaptability are built-in and ready to support business development. High functionality and configurability make the system easy to set up, operate, and scale. Identifies tasks and dependencies, enhances best practices, and implements target dates and deliverables.


Ramco Systems

Princeton, NJ | ramco.com | 609-620-4800

Ramco WMS

Cloud-based system to help logistics service providers operate, coordinate, and execute fulfillment operations. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, the software enhances throughput with optimized storage, pick-pack, and order processing.

Robocom (a CAI Company)

Smithfield, RI | caisoft.com | 800-422-4782


Provides comprehensive control over all aspects of warehouse activity and flexibility to adapt to the unique characteristics of different industry vertical requirements. Paperless solution includes workforce optimization, yard management, and extensive audit tracking.

Scan Global Logistics

Seattle, WA | scangl.com | 800-444-0294


Enables users to easily manage inventory, place orders, initiate shipments and receive up-to-date purchase order and shipment status information across multiple warehouses—anywhere in the world.


Santa Barbara, CA | shiphawk.com | 805-335-2432

ShipHawk WMS

Agile, highly configurable WMS embraces best-in-class practices of Tier 1 providers and is deployed as an easy-to-use solution specifically designed to address the fast-paced demands of scaling companies.


Reston, VA | softeon.com | 855-833-3284

Softeon Warehouse Management System

Functionally rich, configurable solution that helps optimize order fulfillment, reduce inventories, and exceed customer expectations. Cloud-based system provides an out-of-the-box solution.

Synergy North America

Broomfield, CO | snapfulfil.com | 720-372-1250


Cloud-based Tier 1 solution features a rules-based configuration engine, enabling users to adapt the system to meet evolving business needs. Remote implementation and self-configuration capabilities.


Montreal, QC | tecsys.com | 800-922-8649

Elite WMS, Omni WMS

Simplifies complex operations, eliminates inefficiencies, improves order accuracy, reduces operating costs and supports high service levels. The cloud-native, scalable and highly adaptive solution was created for unified commerce fulfillment.


Lombard, IL | zethcon.com | 630-748-3119


Built for the complexity and unique demands of modern 3PL operations. Completely paperless, the solution incorporates RF mobility and scanning for real-time tasking across a broad range of critical functions.