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Keith A. Hancock
Innovating Logistics,
One Route at a Time

There are lots of ways to get
from Point A to Point B, but
there’s only one optimal way.
For your business to maximize
its profit, you need to avoid
weather disruptions, labor
shortages, price increases and
countless other inefficiencies.

Odyssey Logistics specializes
in complex logistics, creating
custom tailored solutions
across multiple transportation
modes. Door-to-Done® is not
just our commitment to ensure
the timing, safety and integrity
of your shipment from the
moment it leaves your
facility all the way through
to final delivery, it is
our assurance that our world
class logistics experts will
manage the entire process,
from request to receipt.


Odyssey resolves logistics challenges and offers adaptive multimodal logistics on a global scale. By leveraging analytics, carrier relationships, specialized assets, sustainability strategies and deep international expertise, we deliver in the most complex supply chains. Our unique capabilities, technologies and assets ensure that shipments — and businesses — keep moving at full speed, even in the face of
persistent market headwinds.

Our clients benefit from expert tailored solutions across multiple transportation modes, backed by the power of our freight network exceeding $3B globally. At Odyssey, we have assembled a diverse portfolio of solutions that we make available to our clients in multiple ways, including:

Managed Services: With our experience and vast supplier network, our transportation management services clients know we will strategically manage their logistics operations, from the routine to the most complex and challenging, regardless of cargo size, class or destination.

Intermodal Services: Odyssey is a leader in intermodal metals transportation and is an expert in intermodal ISO tank movement for products that require special handling including chemicals and food grade liquids. We are the largest independent logistics company in ocean container transportation, servicing all the major ports across the country.

Freight Forwarding: Our customers rely on our comprehensive knowledge of import and export processes and regulations that enables us to design custom, cost-effective, end-to-end international transportation solutions for any size load. We’re also a leading provider of a wide range of ocean freight consolidating and freight forwarding, trucking, project logistics, and warehousing-distribution services in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Transportation & Warehousing Services: With strategically placed state of-the-art warehousing facilities around the globe providing customizable and flexible logistics solutions, along with our specialized trucking expertise, we find our customers the capacity they need
and provide high-quality warehousing, transloading, and delivery services.

Advanced Technology Solutions: Our commitment to delivering seamless customer experiences is made possible by our industry-leading investment in advanced technology platforms. From one touchpoint, users can manage all of their shipping needs—including accessing immediate capacity, choosing carriers, tracking and routing.

Regardless of the method, Odyssey delivers high-quality, integrated or individual services that optimize costs and sustain value, informing and elevating our clients’ decision making and processes outcomes.

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