You Can Add Value to Your Brand Through Last-Mile Delivery

You Can Add Value to Your Brand Through Last-Mile Delivery

Retailers in a post-COVID world know better than anyone that growing their business by diversifying what they offer is a surefire way to solidify customer loyalty. In today’s highly competitive retail environment, delivery as a brand extension is a critical differentiator.

Retailers need to think of the customer experience beyond the four walls of the store or the final payment transaction taking place. Item delivery is just as important as any other part of the shopping experience since it is often the final point of interaction for a brand.

According to McKinsey & Co., 39% of Gen Z and millennials deserted their trusted brands for new ones during the pandemic. This switch was rooted in searching for brands that reflect their values and offer convenience.

By extending the brand via elevated, high-quality delivery, retailers can improve the overall customer experience. However, introducing same-day and scheduled delivery may come with potential challenges. With the right approach and partner, businesses can be successful and transform the last mile with elevated delivery experiences.

Outsourcing a Delivery Experience Works

Part of the challenge in rolling out a delivery solution is the expense of drivers, vehicles, and the technical infrastructure needed to run the entire system. While some companies may be capable of going this route, the most efficient and cost effective way to introduce delivery is to partner with a trusted provider.

For a company new to delivery offerings or looking to improve their own, it is best to partner with delivery providers that already have established processes and technology for seamless integration.

A customer’s loyalty to a brand can heavily rely on the delivery experience they provide. Customers are more concerned about when and how a delivery is made, not who makes it. According to a report by Anyline, 41% of consumers blame late deliveries on a retailer. Therefore, partnering with a trusted and reputable delivery provider is crucial to rolling out new options successfully.

The Delivery Experience is Make or Break for Customers

Working with an established delivery partner is a valuable investment to consider, given customers’ increasing reliance on exceptional delivery service. Today, delivery is crucial to most, if not all, customers. They want fast delivery, frequent updates, ability to choose delivery windows, and easy access to customer support along the way. According to a survey by Sitecore, 80% of Gen Zers say they would reconsider shopping with a company after a bad experience. 

Offering high-quality delivery from the start gives consumers one less reason to second guess shopping with a retailer. A trusted delivery partner will help retailers extend a personal in-store experience all the way to the last mile. 

Communication Goes A Long Way

Communication with customers is key. Brand extensions fail when companies don’t match their current service offerings or create enough benefits in a customer’s mind. The key to successfully adding delivery as an extension of a brand is ensuring all service benefits are communicated and their value is fully understood. 

For example, if a company provides live support, be sure to share where customers can access it—whether it’s through email, phone, or live chat. Other benefits to communicate would include if their delivery service provides same-day delivery, the option to choose a time frame for drop off, and the ability to receive real-time information on an order’s location. 

As customers continue to increase their expectations of what defines a quality shopping experience, retailers should tap into new ways they can extend their brand offering. By transforming the last mile with elevated delivery, retailers can offer consumers even more reasons to be satisfied, loyal customers.